A Never-Before Chance to Absorb the Nocturnal Beauty of Taj

A Never-Before Chance to Absorb the Nocturnal Beauty of Taj

Taj Mahal- the pride of India looks absolutely exquisite every single time of the day but the night view at Taj Mahal has a different charm to it that cannot be replicated by any other monument in the world. People had to wait for a full-moon week to watch the white-marble mausoleum glistening gloriously at night, but not anymore! The scintillating backside of this architectural marvel can now be viewed even at night from a podium so that Taj lovers never miss a chance to witness its charm under the stars.

What’s Different About This New Endeavour?

You may ask that Taj Mahal night tour has always been operational so what makes this new effort any different? Well, for the one you wouldn’t have to wait for a specific time of the month to witness the Taj Mahal in night light. In traditional night tours, people were taken to get a glance of the Taj Mahal only on the full moon night and 2 days before and after that which limited the experience to only 5 nights in a month. Anyone who could not manage to plan a Taj Mahal tour during this time missed absorbing the splendid night-time beauty of the Taj. But, now things are going to change. One can now view the nocturnal magnificence of the rear-side of Taj from across the Yamuna any day of the week including Friday which is the only day when Taj remains closed for visitors.

Another fascinating aspect of this new tour is that you will be getting this gorgeous glance from across the Yamuna River which will ensure an uninterrupted and clear panoramic view of the Seventh Wonder of the World which is a rare sight. So get ready to make the most of this tour!

When Can We Head On This Tour?

Hold your horses for now because the tour is yet to be operational but all we can say is that the Taj Mahal night light story is going to unfold very soon and then you can witness this enamoring emblem of love under the stars with your beloved. The timings will be from 7-10 pm approximately which is an apt time to view the enchanting splendor of the edifice against the darkness of the night.

So, inform your loved ones already and start planning so that you can enjoy this thrilling Taj Mahal tour with the people dear to you before anyone else!


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