Elevate Your Wanderlust Soul With Snow Destination This New Year

Elevate Your Wanderlust Soul With Snow Destination This New Year

Winter is almost here with its bags and baggage and now is the time to fire up your wanderlust soul by visiting some winter destinations in India. This is the best time to cherish the enchanting ambiance of winter and embrace the wild wanderer in you. It is the time when you must go back to those good old days, where you played with snow and made a snowman out of it. Also, if you are a bit wild by heart and want to fire up that adrenaline rush, this is the right moment for you. Now, we will discuss some of the best New Year party destinations in India that you must visit this season.

Nainital- Enthralling Beauty Of Nature

Nainital is one of the most favorite hill stations in India, which has an aura of its own. You may visit this place at any time of the year, but in winters, it turns into a quaint destination. You’ll feel like you have entered the land of magical realism where you can unleash all your desires and fascinations. Only, 300 Km from Delhi, this place is a very prevalent spot for a traveler, who has a fetish for snow. You can also feed your adventurer-soul by performing caving and maze solving activities at cave garden.

Manali- A Place For Your Hippy Soul

With some amazing psychedelic cafe, snowfall and New Year party, Manali is considered to be a place for the hippy-souls. If you want to fodder your eyes with an ultra-white ambiance, visit Manali during the time of New Year, and it will not disappoint you. You can relish your New Year by spending some peaceful time over here. You will find many Manali tour packages if you want to visit this place.

Shimla- Whose Beauty Is Unmatched

Another popular snow destination in India is Shimla. If you want to experience the actual sense of snowfall, then Shimla is the place for you. It is a quaint town residing in the lap of Himalaya, and it is a potboiler for the winter-people as it holds everything that a winter destination must have. Also, you can check your ice staking skills at an ice skating ring in Shimla. And if you are a shopping enthusiast, you can quench your thirst by purchasing some amazing apparels and gift items in the Mall Road area. Get a Shimla tour package and spend an eventful time here.

Narkanda- Embrace The White Solitude Of Nature

Not far from the town of Shimla, the place Narkanda is immaculate where you can revere the vibe of peace and serene. If you want to keep your distance from the chaotic crowds of New Year, don’t miss to visit Narkanda.  Apart from sipping the old wine of nature and snow, you can also perform ski and forget the chaos of urban life.

Ladakh- The Adventurers Paradise

Ladakh is the place for you if you are hankering for an outstanding and out-of-the-blue New Year celebration. Covered in snow, this place is best enjoyed if you can go to Ladakh on a bike. Experience the adventure of a lifetime, but before that learn about all the important safety measures that you must take to embark on a journey. Also, you can opt for Ladakh tour packages if the bike is not the best option for you.

Tawang- Amalgam Of Natural Beauty And Snow

If you’re willing to witness a perfect blend of natural beauty and snow, you cannot afford to miss Tawang. It is a gem, lying in the lap of North-East, which is apt for the best New Year of your life. Covered with snow you can cherish the superfluity of nature when in Tawang. Also, it is a place with a vibrant, colorful and underrated culture.

Spiti Valley- A Place With Old And Bucolic Charisma

This is a quaint place for the winter lovers. Whenever you enter the Spiti valley, you can sense a mysterious spirit of this place blended with its unique culture. An excellent time to visit this place is during the winters when the white spirit of Spiti reaches its ultimate level.


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