Know Your Ancient Roots With Ayurveda Kerala Tourism

Know Your Ancient Roots With Ayurveda Kerala Tourism

Due to modernization and advancement in science and technology, we have forgotten our ancient roots. And due to sheer ignorance for so many years, Ayurveda didn’t come to the light, which it deserved. But, Kerala has come up with a brilliant idea of Ayurveda Kerala tourism, which is not only enriching the experiences of the tourists, but it is also helping to intensify the Ayurveda economy of India. If you can dig out a bit, you will find out that Kerala is very consistent with their Ayurveda culture and they are practising it for centuries.

Kerala- The State Behind The Brilliance Of Ayurveda

Kerala is a very beautiful state with astoundingly gorgeous places. The marvellous beaches and breathtaking landscapes make this place fascinating. Recently, the state has combined the art of Ayurveda with the tourism initiatives to enrich the experiences of the tourists.

If you can look into the other states, you will find out that Ayurveda is an alternative option there, but in Kerala, Ayurveda is the mainstream option. Here, people believe in Ayurvedic treatment because they have witnessed the vibrancy in it. Right now, Kerala is the only place, which practices the usage of Ayurveda with full dedication.

The Blessings Of Nature

Another reason behind Kerala being the most significant Ayurveda practising state is the sanctification of nature over there. The flawless climate and the copiousness of the forest have made this place perfect for practising Ayurveda.

To extract the best out of the Ayurveda tourism in Kerala, you must visit that place during the season of monsoons. At that time, this state witness a constant temperature of 24 to 28 degrees with a continuous flow of rain. This is the time when the potency of the Ayurveda medicines will be at the best. Also, you will find several medicinal plants in the heart of this state. So, opt for Ayurveda packages in India and make your visit worthy.

Best Places For The Ayurveda Tourism In Kerala

We have already discussed the beauty of Kerala. Whenever you will set your feet in Kerala, you will sense a symphony of your mind, body, and soul. The splendour of this place will soothe your senses and you will be lost in the valleys charm and happiness. So, here is the list of some places to travel, if you want to extract the full flavour of Ayurveda tourism of Kerala.


It is a very beautiful place situated in the capital city. The famous Kovalam beach, which is known for its serenity has a charm of its own. Also, here you will find several resorts where you can enjoy the essence of a true Ayurveda spa.


This place is the cultural capital of Kerala. Here, people are practising the art of Ayurveda for centuries. Quintessential for Ayurveda yoga Kerala packages, it is the place you must visit. The ambience of this place will make you refreshed even more.


This is the place, where you can witness the enthralling backwater of Kerala. There will be no point of traveling this place if you don’t opt for Ayurveda luxuries. It will heal you holistically. Kollam is specifically famous for its healing Ayurveda.


Lying in the lap of Alleppey, this place is a scenic paradise. The backdrop of this place will create the perfect ambience for the healing Ayurveda therapies. Here, you can cherish the benefits of Ayurveda therapies, relaxing in the exquisiteness of nature.


Another significant destination regarding the Ayurveda tourism of Kerala is Palakkad. It is the home of various medicinal plants and herbs. The landscapes of this place are very tranquil and meditative. Once you enter Palakkad, you will witness the ultimate solace of the soul.

Enjoy Some Interesting Facts About Ayurveda In Kerala

Kerala has a very rich history when it comes to Ayurveda. No other state in India opts Ayurveda as a mainstream treatment apart from Kerala. The largest number of Ayurveda practitioners and colleges are found in the land of Kerala as well.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world and Kerala has always held its roots. So, opt for best of Kerala tour packages to enjoy the Ayurveda Tourism in Kerala.



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