Lohri- A Staunchness Towards Sun, Fire, And Crops

Lohri- A Staunchness Towards Sun, Fire, And Crops

If you can look into the ancient traditions of Indus Valley civilization, you will find out that Lohri had a great significance at that time as well. The main dictum of this festival is to rejoice winter and welcome the sun in the northern hemisphere. In ancient times, the region that falls under the coverage of Indus valleys like India and Pakistan had the same reason behind celebrating this festival. Lohri is considered to be a way to relish the coming of Rabi crops by dancing, singing and gorging on some mouth-pampering foods. As it follows the Bikrami calendar, the celebration date remains almost the same in each and every year, which is 13th January. Thus, if you are opting for holiday packages in India, mark your dates on the calendar.

Legends About This Festival Of Sun And Fire

Dulla Bhatti-The Hero Amongst His People

The story behind the inception of the celebration of this festival is very intriguing. According to the sociocultural and folk-legend, Bhatti, a tribe from Rajput areas of Gujrat, Punjab and Rajasthan were disappointed with the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar. And as a result of that, Dulla Bhatti, the Pindi Bhattian Raja came to rescue.

According to the cultural history of the Punjab, Dulla Bhatti was the Robin Hood of that time. He used to rob rich and then he distributed those loots amongst the poor people of that area. This made him gain a huge amount of love and respect. Once, he rescued a girl from the trap of the Kidnappers and he adopted that girl later on and became the hero among st the locals.

That is why they still cherish his deeds by singing the song “Dulla Bhatti ho! Dulle ne dhi vivayi ho! Ser Shakar Pai ho”, meaning Dulla gave his daughter a Kilo of sugar as a marriage gift, which he actually did.

Fire- The Savior

In ancient times, people used fire to protect themselves from the attacks of the wild animals. Also, it protected their habitats as well. At that time, the fire was considered to be a communal significance as all of them used to participate. The young girls and boys used to collect woods from the jungle and this tradition is followed even now. They perceive fire as their protector and for that, they use to celebrate the importance of fire.

Symbolism And Science Behind The Festival Of Lohri

This festival is celebrated to embrace the ferocity of the cold, just before Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti falls under the season of Shishir Ritu, which is the coldest season of the year. At that time, the quantity of vata that is air and quantity of kapha that is ether, upsurges in our body due to punitive and austere cold.

Also, this season witnesses the beginning of Aadan kaal, when the sun hides itself to the northern hemisphere, which signifies the introduction of jaggedness in the weather. Thus, the Ayurvedic Shastra recommends people to consume sesame made items and jaggery. It will keep them warm and will help them to embrace the cold winter. Also, the fire that is burnt that day symbolizes the harsh weather, which they are going to experience for the upcoming days. In Amritsar Tour Packages, you will find that local guides will be telling you these facts about Lohri.

The Colorful Customs And Traditions Of Lohri

If you can dig out a bit, you will find out that there are several customs and traditions regarding this festival. Just before two or three days of the festival, children go door to door to collect the Lohri items like sweets, jaggery, sugar, sesame seeds, and cow dung cake. They sing verses to praise the heroic deeds of Dulla Bhatti and in return receive money as a contribution to the festival.

So, if you are so interested to witness this spectacular festival then opt for those holiday packages in India, which includes Lohri in their list.


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