Visit North and South India: – Quench Thirst of a Traveler Soul

North and South India

India is a country where different cultures collide and sprinkle the colors of diversity. Many times, we lean towards foreign tours, but if you take a tour of India, you will find out that there are some places in India, which will make you flabbergasted.

Be it north part or south part of India; our country is full of places which will bring you to the state of eleutheromania. Today, we are going to discuss some destinations in both north and south India, which will fire up the existence of fernweh in you. So, have a little patience and carry on with your reading.

Let’s Find Out What North India Holds For Us:

1. Varanasi- The land Of Your Spiritual Salvation

If you are seeking a place, which will bring solace to your soul, then Varanasi is the place for you. Being one of the ancient cities of the world, Varanasi still chants the hymn of our rich and old culture. You will be in a state of daze if you ever witness the Aarti of Varanasi. You will find several companies providing you Varanasi City Tour Packages, and you can non-hesitantly opt for that.

2. Taj Mahal- The Astonishing Combination Of Art And Architecture

Situated in Agra, Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It symbolizes the love story between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, and it is the finest example of old Indian architecture. It has a magnetic charm which attracts people from all over the world.

tajmahal, Agra3. McLeod Ganj- Peace lover’s Paradise

Right now, it is one of the cheapest hill stations in India, situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. Also, this place is famous for its mouthwatering foods, amazing weather, and some trouvaille treks. Not many people know about this and it’s one of those underrated places to visit in North India, which will make your soul happy and as well as gratifying.

4. Udaipur- Place Of The Royals

Udaipur is considered to be a royal city of India, where the ancient royal families existed. Here you will find an ethnic clash between the Mughals and the Rajputs, which signifies the historical impact of this place. The mansions and temples here will take your breath away.


It’s Time To Know About The South India Tour

1. Varkala- The Land Of Pristine Beach

Tourists, who are in search of peace, can rest their backs in Varkala. Located in South Kerala, this beach is an astounding combination of surreal landscapes, sea, and the brown sand. From sunbathing to enjoying swimming, this beach is a potboiler of the laid-back crowd. If you hire a traveling company, you will find Varkala in their list of best of Kerala Tour Packages.

top-rated spots of Kerala2. Kodaikanal- Where The Beauty Has A Mystic Charm

With pleasant weather and psychedelic landscapes, Kodaikanal is called the princess of hill stations. The picturesque beauty and the mysterious woody ambience of this place are good enough to feed your eyes and heart as well.

3. Gandikota- The Grand Canyon Of India

Now, this is a place which will fuel up the adventurer in you. Situated on the Bank of river Pennar, Gandikota is a small village in Andhra Pradesh. While in Gandikota, you can relish the downhill trek through the canyon, which will lead you to the bed of the river. And for all these reasons, Gandikota is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South India.

4. Mysore- A Historical Place To Look For

Mysore is another place with an old historical smell. The grand, elegant Mysore palace is the epitome of Royalty of the kings of that time. Here, you can witness the fascinating architecture of Mughals, Rajputs and as well as gothic. And if Hinduism fascinates you, then Mysore is the place to opt for.

India is a diverse country with different cultural existences.  From mountains to oceans and from jungles to deserts, you will find each and everything in India’s Palate. If you travel 100 kilometres from your house, you will witness the change in languages, fashions, foods, lifestyles, cultures, and etiquettes. So, go out of your home and inject the drug of wanderlust in your brain.


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