Experience The Picturesque Glory Of India During Diwali

Picturesque Glory Of India During Diwali

If you have ever given India a thought, then you probably think of the colorful sparkles that embrace it (amidst all the other things). In that case, you must plan a visit to the mystical and alluring land of India during the famous festival of lights – Diwali. India, as you know happens to be a spectacle with all its glory, but when it blends magnificently with this festival, you end up having a must experience adventure in your hands. It is time to explore the old-world charm in the old city of Delhi while experiencing a delightful clash in the other half of the country’s capital.

You will fall in love with the breathtaking change in topography as your train rolls by the different places in India or simply soak up the otherworldly beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra – the iconic paean to the Mughal romance. If you think you know India, then it is time to reconsider. Take note of the best places to visit in India during Diwali.

Are You Ready To Experience The True Joys That Reside In India?

India is the land of culture and is there any better way to experience one than participating in the grand festival that the whole country celebrates regardless of the religion that they follow. Every year when autumn comes to an end, every inch of the country is lit up, and it is undoubtedly something that you need to experience on your trip here.

Diwali in Delhi – The Extravaganza Affair

From the luxe stays to the craft bazaars, every nook of this city gets ready to rejoice. Delhi, a city of Djinns, happens to add its personalized festive fervor to this celebration. The glittering arrays of string lights, hundreds of diyas, and colorful artsy rangolis are all to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from exile. Watch the night sky awaken with a variety of stunning firecrackers.

Once you have feasted your eyes on the sights of Diwali, it is time you set out on a tour of the old Delhi. Get a taste of the chaotic streets that lead up to the famous Connaught Place and Chandni Chowk.

Don’t miss out a tour to the Jama Masjid – the impressive building which happens to be the oldest mosque in the city. Then head straight towards the architectural gem of the city – the Red Fort. The golden triangle tour will begin with the kaleidoscope of the fascinating, bizarre, and wonderful beauty of Delhi.

Agra – The City That Doesn’t Need An Introduction

Home to the world-renowned wonder – the Taj Mahal – Agra is a place that you can’t miss out during this joyous occasion. Undoubtedly, Taj Mahal is India’s major drawcard which means you can’t leave the country without soaking in the glory of this place, which is further enhanced by this festival.

Agra is also the home to the fabulous and impressive Agra Fort – the red sandstone. A night stay in Agra might be enough to bask in the beauty of this city, but your heart will demand to stay back and have unobstructed views of the Taj Mahal. Make the most of your North India tour packages by staying in Agra.

taj mahalJaipur – Experience The Incredible Zeal Of Diwali

Jaipur has earned its name in the must visit places in India for its arresting aura and striking beauty. This place, along with its royal Diwali celebration brings out the unique charm of the city. Diwali is the festival that transforms this place into a starry and glitzy affair. Right outside the extravagant pink city lies the fort with fabulous views – the Amber Fort.

Inside the old city are some of the must-visit 18th-century fascinating beauties. This city has an intriguing combination of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. At the edge of the city lies the beautiful Hawa Mahal. You can experience the authenticity in the colorful markets of Jaipur.

amber fortDiwali is the festival that transfigures the enchanting splendor of this country.  Enjoy the ceremonies, the lights, the delectable festive food, and the open-hearted welcome as you make your way through the different parts of India. Delhi Agra Jaipur tour defines the beauty of Diwali in India in a nutshell.


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