Summers And Winters Of India And The Best Places To Visit

Summers And Winters Of India

India is a land of diversities. The weather too is of no exception. Bashing summers and spine-chilling winters grasp the country in its different parts. The wheels of the cycle of seasons keep rotating and the unique weather conditions keep revealing and ruling.

However, there are no excuses for travelers. They are the ones who are charged up all around the year and they know exactly where to head to during what time. The trick of traveling is to know about the weather a bit beforehand and do the research to know what the weather conditions and the temperature is going to be like about a particular place when they are willing to visit.

India is such a generous country, that provide us with the perfect places and destinations to visit during its adverse weather condition in other parts and we have a lot of options to choose from. If you are planning to book your holidays in advance, here are some of the destination, tips you need to know for different seasons.

The Scorching Summers- The Best Time To Drool Over The Mountains

India is a tropical country, but it experiences both tropical and subtropical weather conditions in the different parts and states. The hot and humid Indian summer is unbearable. This is the ideal time to visit the best places in the north of India to get a glimpse of the beautiful mountains and passes. Take note of the following places that you might just add to your list of destinations during the summers. The India tour packages offer some amazing deals as well for you to choose from.

1. Nainital

Pack your backpacks and plan this trip with your friends for an experience of a lifetime. The place is often known as the forest valley with a little lake nestled amidst. The Naini Lake and the Naina Devi temple in Nainital have become spots of attractions of tourists all over the world. The Nainital city tour is famous and the picturesque spot is the best to be explored with a set of friends. You can go trekking in the mountains, inhaling the cold positive thrilling vibes along the course.

2. Kasol

If you are searching for a chilled-out place to visit this time, that too in the mountains, add this to your list. The place is mostly flanked by the younger generation of people. Several cafes in there provide some of the best food you will ever have, along with some lip-smacking desserts from the German bakery! You can go river rafting for some recreational purpose or go and set up camps to stay in the midst of Nature.

3. Srinagar

Renowned as a city and as the summer capital of Kashmir, this place is highly sought after by tourists and travelers. The main attractions of this place are the Shikhara rides, its exotic beauty and the floating markets that are present. People wish to visit this place at least once in their entire lifetime. That Nature can be so beautiful and exuberant; this place is an example of the same. The famous Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh, and the Shankaracharya Hill are some of the tourist attractions of all times.

4. Ladakh

When we speak of summer destinations in the north of India, can Ladakh be far behind?  Want to experience the serene look of nature and freeze it for a lifetime? Go and visit this place for sure. The Pangong Tso or the Pangong lake of Ladakh is known for its icy blue waters surrounded by barren boulders. The stunning view and the weather will deprive you off all the tensions in life. For a more thrilling experience, go for a bike ride along the snowcapped peaks and valleys. The other places that are a must visit are Khardung-la pass, Zanskar valley, Spituk Gompa and Hemis national park. Check out the Ladakh tour package to strike a better deal with them.

Ladakh5. Mussoorie

The favorite of all the above, this place is by far the safest and picture-perfect for solo travelers. The feeling of bliss that pervades the atmosphere of this region is what makes it unique. The tranquility of the surroundings amidst the busy schedule of the locals will make you want to live their lives, staying there for the rest of your life. Even though the place becomes a bit too crowded during the summers, the fairyland, as it should have been named, gifts its tourists and travelers a good share of scenic beauty once you take a ropeway ride to Gun-hill. The aerial view is to die for. The lush green greenery of the region gives your eyes the much-needed break from the crowded roads and traffic of the urban world. A seamless hub for the shopaholics, check out the stuff from the local markets and shops situated in the mall for some unique pieces.

The Murky Winters-Best Time For A Game Of Snow

The winters of the country are like a boon to the entire world. Nature changes into her frosty white dress with trails of hail and snow. While some parts still thriving in its extravagant hues, but this is the best and the perfect time for you to visit India and behold the magic that unfurls.

1. Jodhpur

The gigantic fort of Mehrangarh dotting the skyscape with its enormous presence gives a feel of the lifestyle of the blue-blooded royals. The taste of Rajasthan and its true colors is still prevalent in the air and can be felt at the Rajasthan International folk festival held in October.

2. Dharamshala

Forget everything and book online Dharamshala tour package right now to get the best of your traveling experiences ever. The exotic and mystic charm of this place will put a postcard to shame. The living beauty that you behold is too much for the eyes to absorb in one go. Lovely weather that prevails all the year round gets a hike once it is the winters. The mountains put on their icy attires and stand tall against contrasting dark blue of the firmament.

3. Pondicherry

France can wait, Puducherry cannot. The French colony of India has a lovely scenic beauty to offer in the months of winters. The vibrant colors that throng here can be a lovely place for you to visit with your gang. However, since the winters are the best time to visit, tourists fly down from all over the world. Hence, make sure you book your tickets and accommodations in advance.

Indian States Most Visited by International Tourists4. Gangtok

Saving you on the monetary front as well, this place offers some of the blissful vibes. The wide range of monasteries, gondolas, the little markets, the locals, their lifestyle, the pagodas, lure you to visit them all around the year. However, winters add some icing to the cake! The mountains surrounding the place put their snowcaps on and the drizzling of snow from time to time is a moment to capture and to live for.

Gangtok5. Himachal

To start with, this place is a must-visit during the winters. The hill stations of this place are absolutely the best for trying out your adventurous sports while enjoying a heavy snowfall. The newlyweds mostly choose this place as their honeymoon destination, while the solo travelers, too, find solace in the thrills and chills of the place. So book online Himachal tour package and get ready to face the winters.

You may go around the world and spend exotic holidays.  But spread along her length and breadth, India has it all in her own domain.




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