Travel To The Center Of India – All Set For 2020

Travel To The Center Of India – All Set For 2020

India is a land of diversities. The many cultures, the many religions, the many languages have their confluence at the heart of the country. The travelers from all over the world are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a location to visit in India. Central India offers a variety of places to explore in the heart of the country enriched with wildlife, heritage, and pilgrimage spots.

If you are planning to make a trip to this part of India in 2020, check this blog out for the best of options to choose from.

Delhi:- A Land Of Heritage

The capital is divided into two parts, Old Delhi and New Delhi, it offers a flamboyance of cultures and beliefs rolled into one. The land of the Mughals, it has some amazing places to pay a visit to. Old Delhi was named Shahjahanabad after the legendary Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. Thriving onto the Mughal cultures, this place was a hub of great architecture. Buildings and mansions were designed exquisitely for the Royals. This place is still home to a lot of well-maintained mosques, forts, and palaces that have been standing there as mute witnesses to the evolving times. New Delhi, on the other hand, was designed mostly by the British. They play a stark contrast to the meandering lanes and by-lanes of Old Delhi. Humayun’s tomb, Gandhiji’s assassination sites are some of the tourist attractions of the city. The shopping markets and local stores are a great attraction as well for travelers. You can book Delhi tour packages for a better-guided tour around the city.

Jaipur: – A City Drenched in Pink Colour

Popularly known as the Pink City, Jaipur is the land of the Rajas. Many royal families lived here, and some of their descendants are still present over there. According to the belief the king chose pink to have a soothing effect on the city, even though this reason is still arguable. High culture and royalty are still prevalent in the city. Even though there are many palaces and forts, still there is a certain simplicity among the commoners. Tourist and travelers come to visit the city not only for the noted monuments that are there but also for the common people who have retained their cultures and clothing habits that are different from the rest of the country. Chokhi Dhani is a place in Rajasthan that offers all types of entertainment ranging from food and dance to accommodations in royal styles. You can stay here for a few days and get a taste of true Rajasthani culture. While you visit Jaipur this Chokhi Dhani Jaipur tour should be on your list.

Agra – Colored In Love

It is known for the famous Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz. Tourists, irrespective of any weather condition, crowd this place all the year round. Taj Mahal has its own charm, which is considered the epitome of love all over the world. However, Agra is more to just the Taj Mahal. You can book Agra tour packages that allow you to get a clearer view and ideas about this city with a guided tour of the same. The colorful medieval look of Agra is an attraction of many. The old narrow lanes alive with the energy of the modern era are indeed a remarkable sight. With the introduction of fast trains, it is all the easier to reach Agra from Delhi now.

Khajuraho – A Village With A Twist

khajurahoNestled in the heart of India, this place is actually a village with an ambiance that matches the vibe of the modern people. As well as it is home to some of the most excellent architectural examples of all times. The temples of Khajuraho are some of the best attractions after Taj Mahal. It portrays the expression of a highly progressive civilization. Most of the temples here are made of sandstone and vary in colors like yellow or pale pink. There are temples of Shiva, Vaishnava or the Jain sects, but due to their similar tones of colors, they are often indistinguishable to the tourists. The Khajuraho Temple tour will be the best for you if you plan to visit this place in 2020.

Bangalore- Beauty Besides Bars

Bangalore is mostly famous for the plethora of bars and pubs that it offers. The city known for its renowned draught beer and chilled out ambiance, there is more to than just that. Ditching the bars and pubs for a weekend, you can explore the places that are good for your Bangalore day trips. Located just 50kms away, Ramnagaram is a beautiful place to visit and try out trekking and cave exploration in the surrounding rocks and boulders. This place was used as a shooting location for Sholay as well. The other places to visit can be the Nandi hills, Athargange, and Machinable Dam. They have some fantastic tones of color mixed with nature to serve your eyes to a befitting treat.

Varanasi- The Mystic Magic

varanasi tour: ganges Ghats

Varanasi remains a special destination for all the tourists. Exploring the city full of mystic charms is a different feel altogether. Sounds of conch shells and bells, well co-ordinated “aartis” on the banks of the river thronged with worshippers and the holy aroma of incenses make the city come to life in all its flavor. You can book a full day Varanasi city tour to show yourself around a city, blessed with myths and tales.

Mumbai-The City Of Dreams

Talking about the heart of India, how can we leave Mumbai behind? The city of struggling actors and dreamers, and Bollywood superstars, this place is so happening. There is not a single moment when the city can sleep. It is always oozing with enormous amounts of energy, taking all its people in its stride. You can book Mumbai tour packages to visit the Film City, the abode of the stars, the Juhu beach, Marine Drive, Worli sea link, etc.

Goa- Never gone (off the list)

The thought of Goa is like a refreshing drink after a long day of toil in the office. The beaches of Goa offer some of the most amazing shacks where you can even spend the nights. Mostly visited with friends and cousins, this place is a hub of the cheapest alcohol and some great cuisines. Booking Goa tour packages will help you to explore some of the best beaches, shacks, and churches of this place.

With some of the best places on your list to visit in 2020, put your exploring caps on and mark your calendars as soon as possible. Let 2020 be your year completely, visiting the amazing vicinities in the heart of the country.


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