Lotus Temple: Timings, Entry fee & Architecture

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple ( Bahai Temple)

Lotus Temple is one of the most prominent tourist spots, architectural attraction and place-to-visit in Delhi. Also, known as the Bahai Temple the Lotus temple is known to preach the Bahai house of worship.

The theory essentially travels to making everyone connect regardless of their caste, religion, practice. This temple is free to be entered by anyone and does not follow any code of conduct to practice prayers.

With a white lotus appearance that stands tall and glorious for the tourists to walk in is a global place which experiences the largest footfall of tourists for peace, prayers, meditation, and study.

Marked as one of the most popular religious buildings in the world, the Baha’i Temple is also known as the Taj Mahal of the 20th century because of its unique appearance and architecture.

With numerous awards won like the Guinness world record and the Encyclopedia records, this monument is glorious, peaceful and beautiful!

Architecture of the Temple

The Lotus temple or fondly the Baha’i Temple was built in the 20th Century and dedicated to the Bahai house of worship immediately after in December of 1986. Lotus Temple is located in the village of Bahapur of New Delhi, NCR.

It was designed by an Iranian architecture FariborzSahba who currently resides in Canada. The temple has been designed with 27 free-standing marble clods which are uniquely set together to form a nine side Lotus flower that is larger than life.

The Lotus temple has about nine entrance gates and all lead to one central hall which has a height of over 40 meters and is easily known to make the seat for 1300 people while accommodating about 2500 people altogether!

Spread on an area of 26 acres the monument the amazing white look from the outside comes from the use of marbles which are sourced from Penteli Mountain in Greece. The temple is surrounded by nine ponds and gardens and is today a pride of Delhi with the maximum number of tourists.

Core activities at Bahai Temple

Baha’i Temple or the Lotus Temple practices the Baha’I House of Worship which in turn follows the Baha’i faith. The Baha’I faith is about believing in the oneness of the religions, god and mankind.

And therefore, there are no idols of god placed inside the hall neither is there any code to be followed for the prayers.

This temple is known to not carry any pictures, idols or pictorial frames to worship for anyone.

According to the Baha’I scripture the house of worship is known to not hold any religious ceremonies inside or deliver sermons.

Everyone is welcome to sit inside and pray to the creator of universe, chant, read Baha’i scripture or set them to choirs. There are four core activities practiced by the Baha’i community here and they are:

  • Devotional meetings
  • Study circles
  • Children classes
  • Junior youth classes

Best time to visit Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is one of the iconic places of New Delhi which can be visited all-round the year.

However, the visit is limited to daily timings which are from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with Mondays closed. The tourists are free to enter the temple and sit for the entire day to best soak into the peaceful aura of the place.

How to reach Lotus Temple?

Lotus Temple or the Baha’i Temple is easily connected with all public modes of transport for the convenience of the tourists. It is located near Kalkaji temple on the east of Nehru Place. The autos and rented cars ply easily to the location while the nearest metro station being Kalkaji Mandir.

Where to stay?

It is always good to stay close to the place of attraction and therefore to stay near Lotus Temple one can choose from a variety of hotels located in Okhla Phase III, Greater Kailash II or Greater Kailash I. There are a variety of Holiday homes, travel hostels and guesthouses available too near the Lotus Temple.

Few Tips for the travelers

For best exploring the beauty of Lotus Temple, here are a few tips.

  • Take permission for photography beforehand
  • Do not carry any idols of god pictures
  • The temple looks spectacular in the dusk with the floodlit
  • Best place to experience peace and nirvana in a city
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking to do

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