Khajuraho : Places To Visit, Things to do & Attractions

Khajuraho -Group of Temples

Khajuraho is the town in Madhya Pradesh reminds for three groups of temples of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These temples are remarkable for its outstanding art, the walls of the temples are spruced up with stunning erotic sculptures designed most probably between 950 – 1050 era.

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About –  Khajuraho

Khajuraho well-known for the group of temples belongs to Hindu and Jain religion, remarkable for Nagara-style of architecture and sensual sculptures.

According to the records, Khajuraho had 85 temples at 12th-century, but now only 20 temples are left over survived. Most of the Khajuraho temples are devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.


The history of Khajuraho was between 900-1130 AD back, all the temples and medieval monuments were built by Chandela dynasty that was later known as Bundelkhand.

But in the era between 13th to 18th-century, some temples were dishonored by the negligence of Muslim dynasties.  In the year the 1830s, T.S. Burt, a British surveyor again rediscovered this magnificent group of temples. 


The ideal time to explore temples and monuments is between the month of July to March. October to February is the best time for tourists, visit in Khajuraho, the temperature can drop up to 4 degrees Celsius.

Between March to June there is the summer season, March is quite pleasant for visiting the place. July to September is a monsoon season, you can enjoy the lush green surroundings here.


The popular food is Bafla, dal-bati, roti, dal , rice and vegetables, mostly people like vegetarian food. In No-Vegetarian cuisine you will get rohu, pavada, singhada, etc.

Bhindi Gosht and Bundeli Gosht are the popular dishes of the region. The popular sweets of the place are moong dal halwa, kusli, lavang lata, barfi, etc.


It is a blend of different styles of people like tribes, migrants, and locals. The people follow the lifestyles from the medieval period to the present time of living.


Its culture is a very traditional style like people engaged more in folk dances like Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, etc. the famous folk dance is Diwari, music the famous folk songs of the region are Faag, Alha and Lamtera.

Things to do in Khajuraho

Khajuraho offers numerous activities for the people of almost all age groups. There are plenty of things to do in Khajuraho for families, for couples, and for children. The list of the some of the top activities to do in Khajuraho are –

Cultural Activities

The cultural activities revolving around the group of bygone temples, sensuous sculptures, and the history of the Chandela regime.

Dining Out

It has plenty of good restaurants offered a palatable food. The name of some of the best restaurants in Khajuraho is Siddharth hotel.

A terrace restaurant offers to savor Indian & International food; Blue Sky restaurant famous for Indian, Chinese and Continental food; La Dolce Vita and Mediterraneo restaurant both served good Italian food in the Italian style; and  Raja’s Café serves from last 35 years, the menu consists of India, Italian and Chinese with espresso coffee and English breakfast.


Conducted in the Hotel Taj Chandela where guests are permitted free entry, but non-guests have to pay a fee.

Trekking & Hiking

If you are loving to trek and a good knowledge of map and compass then, you will go for trekking and hiking around or you can hire a local guide too.

Temple Light and Sound show in Khajuraho

The Khajuraho tourist department conducts a Light & Sound Show every day at around 7:30 pm after the sunset, in the garden of the Western group of temples.

This show depicts the historical significance of the temples and the makers of the temples. This Light and Sound Show of Khajuraho is one of the top things to do.

Shilpgram Cultural Centre

This center houses craftsmen and artists who belong to various talents like ethnic handicraft which showcases in the shops of the Cultural Centre.

In the evening the Shilpgram Cultural Centre also presents cultural performances like classical and folk dances and folk music is their special thing to do.

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Places to Visit & Tourist Attractions In Khajuraho

Khajuraho is the perfect concoction for nature lovers, lover of art & culture, and history buffs.

Khajuraho is situated in Madhya Pradesh and dominantly popular for the group of temples spruced up with erotic sculptures all these temples are constructed in the era between 950 to 1050 AD, but so many temples were ruined by the Mughals, which later in the 1830s rediscovered by the British surveyor.

Although, Khajuraho has many places to visit, here is the list of some important places to visit in Khajuraho or nearby places which will make your Khajuraho tour worthwhile.


The temples of Khajuraho are reigning in the history due to its ingenious architecture, marvelous designs, and erotic carvings on pillars and walls of the temples.

The temple is divided into various groups like Eastern group, Western group, and the Southern group of temples collectively these group houses around 20 temples name as Lakshmana temple, Brahma Temple, Vamana Temple, Chitragupta Temple, Javari Temple, Dulhadev Temple and much more.

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art

This museum showcases the rich collection of terracotta objects, metal things, paintings, jewelry, and around 500 tribal antiques.

Archaeological Museum

This museum was established in the year 1910 by W.A. Jardine, the museum is divided into five gallery houses a huge collection of ruin sculptures of Khajuraho temples and antiques.


There are two dams situated near the Khajuraho. One is Beni Sagar Dam built over the river Khuddar river and the other one is Gangau Dam built over the assemblage of two rivers Simiri and Ken. Both the dams are popularly known as a picnic spot and widely visited by tourists and localities.

Dhubela Museum

This museum also consists of a vast collection of artifacts and antiques.

Panna National Park

The Panna National Park situated at a distance of around 57 Kms from Khajuraho, mainly known as a Tiger Reserve and rarest wildlife species.


There are two forts near Khajuraho – Ajaigarh Fort and Kalinjar Fort used by the Chandelas as their residence.

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