10 South Indian Festivals That Are Going To Sweep You Off Your Feet

10 South Indian Festivals That Are Going To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Planning to head south during your holidays? Well, here’s the opportunity for you to visit South & also enjoy their auspicious festivals at the same time. With South India tour you can explore the entire South Indian places right from Kerala to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu. Enjoy their beautiful culture and get captivated in their beauty too!

This article lets you know the most important festivals that are celebrated across different South Indian states, thus helping you to make prior travel plans. So, pack your bags & be ready to choose which south Indian destination you want to visit during your holidays; let’s have a look at those.

The Harvest Marker: Onam – one of the most well-known festivals of the south, especially in Kerala. This festival, notably marks the harvest & prosperity. Through this festival, many people come together to celebrate their prosperous harvest for the year. Now if you want to visit this place during the festival, then there are quite a few Kerala tour packages which will take you for these wonderful rides.

Boil Over In Pongal – Did you know that Pongal literally meant to ‘boil over’. One of the famous festivals in Tamil Nadu, probably about which you have read in your school! Mainly, in Tamil culture, the rituals are performed to mark their respect towards Sun God. You should definitely once experience this festival & taste the sweet dishes made over there!

Dusara At Mysore – Have you ever been to Mysore on Dusara (that’s not dussera)? If not, then better be there & see for yourself how the whole palace is lit up by lights. Mysore Palace is decorated beautifully with lightings, making it look so grand & magnificent. So, if you don’t want to miss this eye-dazzling festival then, go and grab a Mysore Tour package and set off to see for yourself.

Special Chutney At Ugadi – Well apart from the festival itself, the special chutney prepared only for this festival can be quite an attraction for you to visit Andhra Pradesh. And for you to visit this festival & taste the chutney you should hurry.

Take A Dip During Mahamaham – A festival that is celebrated after every 12 years is worth participating in. A dip in the Mahamaham tank is supposed to purify you from all your sins. So go for it.

Auspicious Karaga – If you want to go to Bangalore then you can opt for Bangalore tour packages and visit, Karnataka while the people of there are celebrating Karaga. The history of this festival will take you back to the Battle of Kurukshetra! To find out more, you need to visit the place & see it while the whole city celebrates this auspicious occasion.

Burst Crackers Because It’s Vishu – Though its celebrated as a New Year’s festival, yet it’s celebrated around April. People burst crackers to mark the beginning of this festival & if you want to experience it up and close, visit South India and get delighted in the festive mood. Cool, isn’t it?

Chithirai Thiruvizha – Mainly celebrated during the Chaitra season of the year in Madurai. During this festival, the incarnation of Goddess Parvathi, Meenakshi is worshipped all around the place for the first 15 days. The last 15 days is celebrated through worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Hampi Festival – Want to see different kinds of puppet shows? Well then, this festival is just right for you. Also known as the Vijaya festival, people generally celebrate it around early of November in the historic town of Hampi. So, if you want to go out for some winter vacation, this is the perfect place for it.

Thrissur Pooram – If you want to see some big decorated elephants then this is the right festival for you. At the very first it was started by the king of Cochin, but now the common inhabitants of the place carry it forward.

So here were some 10 South Indian festivals that you should witness once in your lifetime. And there are a lot of tour packages that allow you to plan your trip accordingly. The Southern part of India has some rich culture stored in it, and you got to explore it once in your life. So next time you need a break, head off to South India!


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