11 Little Known Travel Tips for Agra

11 Little Known Travel Tips for Agra

Travel Tips For Agra

Traveling to different anonymous places has always been a feeling of excitement and fun, but at the same time, this is also a matter of concern and worry. Because the place, people, culture, all are new to us. Here, some travel tips for Agra have been shared with you. Agra the most renowned and sightseeing places of India and also need to be more watchful in this city.

Below are the mentioned things to be careful about them during the Agra tour

Heed of pickpockets

Be careful of the pickpockets almost all the places where you found the mob, especially in the Taj Mahal area, from the electrical bus parking lane to the security checkpoint at the main entrance. These wallet lifters are 10-13 years of age, but they are perfect for taking out your wallets just in 30 seconds or less.

Chaotic Traffic

– In India sticking in traffic is very normal, especially in Agra the traffic is wacky. Everyone move on the road as they want to do, no rules, not following any traffic lights, animals are roaming in the middle of the road and people park their vehicles almost half of the road as if they owned the road. Thus, a safe and attentive driver is must for Agra trip


Appalling Touts

Agra has a bad reputation for aggressive touts and being cheated high in terms of prices. This proceeding of being ripped off by almost everyone from rickshaw pullers to hawkers and from travel agents to retail vendors.


You will find many hawkers on the side of the road. They are persistent to selling their things to the visitors and it is quite tough to get rid them off. They are swindlers selling things at a very high cost, it’s a suggestion if anybody wants to buy anything from them then, cut the rate by 50% or more which they quoted for an item.

Careful of spurious items

It happens, especially in the case of buying marble products from road side hawkers, they showcase the fake item, made of chalk instead of marble. That’s why it is better to buy such items from the reputable shops, even though you have to pay more.



Don’t forget to bargain

Always bargain with the roadside sellers, rickshaw pullers, camel ride, Tonga ride, etc. as they all charged many times more than the actual rate. So, try to bargain more than 50% of the quoted rate.


chekPublic Toilets

Public Toilets are in such a terrible condition which you can’t even imagine using. So, pray for not using public convenience when nature calls!!!

Street Food

Street food is always tempting you with their smell and taste, but before will the roadside food be mentally prepared that it may also cause any kind of stomach infection or disease.



Guide rip-off

Always be careful while booking for the guide, check their ID proof and please don’t give them your valuables to put them in a locker or for any other reason.

india-delhi-agra-highlights-of-india-delhi-and-agra-guidebook1Avoid hot and humid climate

The best time to travel in Agra or the region of Golden Triangle is during the cold season between November to March month.

hot_temperatureSo, just be careful during your travel to Agra to being ripped off. Apart from these faults Agra is a very beautiful and historical significance’s and having various monuments to visit which fascinates you with their archaic and artistic work of the old-aged.

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