21 Haunted Places in Delhi That Will Scare The Living Soul Out of You

Haunted Places in Delhi

The capital of India has been punctuated by the vestiges of lost empires and welcomes every modern-day feature which makes it a one of a kind city. It is the ideal home for Shopaholics who can bag the best deals. Not to mention the finest food of the whole subcontinent that one can tuck in here is available at every nook and cranny. The city tosses in a variety of colors and flavors in every bite you take. But, is that all there is in Delhi? The land that has seen war, love, and development has its own share of the personal deserted area that thrives on paranormal activity. The gloominess, connection to unearthly sensations, and spookiness will feel your bones. So, are you brave enough to wander around the places that we have in store for you? Take a Delhi City Tour .

Delhi And Its List Of Most Haunted Places

Imagine it’s dark outside, and you are all alone at home when you hear that eerie sound piercing through the door. The second you intend to open the door, dramatically the power is out. Your eyes fail to get used to the pitch-black darkness that is present in every corner, and it is right at that moment when a shimmering ray of light as if out of nowhere show you the person that is standing by the door holding its own rotting head in its hand. Even if reading this didn’t give you goosebumps then the below-mentioned places definitely will

Delhi Cantonment Area

Every story that you have heard about the Delhi Cantonment Area is undoubtedly true. The lush green surroundings of the Delhi Cantonment will make you want to stay back and cherish it a little longer than you intended. The picturesque and breathtaking view will wash away all your daily life’s sorrows. But, that’s limited to a fixed period of time, and it is before the sun sets beyond the horizons. The same stretch of road that made your heart leap with joy will quickly disappear into thin air when you spot the lady in a white saree. Driving down the road, you might be chased by her spirit if you don’t offer her the lift she demands and even if you do, she disappears into thin air.

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Delhi Cantonment AreaSanjay Van

If you were not aware of this place, then it is time you get used to this name now. The stretch of forest that extends between Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj is the home for migrating birds and otherworldly spirits. When you keep aside the mystifying birds and trees and take a look at the numerous graves that are found near this region that’s when your heart starts to sink. Come night time the quiet of the night is pierced by the clawing, scratching and crying sounds of kids.

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Agrasen Ki Baoli

If you are in Delhi for the first time, then make some room in your itinerary for this place. But, when you start going down the stairs, you will feel the uncanny whispers of people who aren’t around. It is believed that there was once black water well, which with its hypnotic effect was enough to allure people and force them to commit suicide.

Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

Keep all your senses on high alert here, for it is the home of Jinns. From being pushed and thrashed to being followed around by unknown identity, there is nothing that isn’t unheard of here. Scared? Well, you should be of this 14th-century fort.

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Khooni Darwaza

What is it that one can do when the peaceful and calm night is broken from its reverie? The horror-stricken, anguished, and blood-curdling screams fill the air around this historical monument. You will feel the chill both figuratively and literally crawling in your bones.


The Haunted Tree of Dwarka Sector 9

Run as fast as you can when you spot the mysterious woman who appears and disappears out of nowhere. The haunted tree here in Dwarka Sector 9 has been blacklisted by way too many people. The accident-prone region feels straight out of a horror movie at night.

Haunted Tree of Dwarka Sector 9

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

The tombs of Jamali and Kamali have never received the eternal rest they deserved since 1535. Till date, one can hear the cries of both the Sufi saints, even in broad daylight.

Khooni Nadi

According to legends, no one has ever made it out of the river alive. Is it true? We don’t have the guts to try it out. No matter what your logical mind says the second you walk through the dark, you will feel all the bottled-up courage leaving your soul.

Khooni NadiBhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan

The Mahal (fort) has been forbidden for good and plausible reasons. The deep silence, the stunning structure, and the ambiance are enough to scare the bravest hearts. The crying man whom no one has ever spotted fills the air every night.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan

Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

Remember Alauddin Khilji? Well, you might end up cursing him with every breath if you cross the Chor Minar where thieves were slain in the most brutal way. The result you will walk straight into your worst nightmare when it is the night.

Is that all we have in stock for you? Absolutely, not. Check out these places too, if you are still not done being scared.

  • Lothian Cemetery
  • Delhi Ridge Area
  • Karkardooma Delhi Court
  • DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II
  • House Number W-3
  • Malcha Mahal
  • Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate
  • Karbala Graveyard, B.K. Dutt Colony
  • Nicholson’s Cemetery, Club Road
  • HCL, the building right next to Amity University in Noida
  • Phoenix Shoe Store, Sector 60, Noida

So, are you ready to get spooked by the undiscovered mystery that lies ahead of you in all of the 21 places we just mentioned to you? If you are fascinated by the mystical energy that fills each and every inch of these places, then don’t hesitate to drop by.


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