Adventurous Tours In The Smoky Mountains Of India

Adventurous Tours In The Smoky Mountains Of India

We all wish to travel to different parts of the world, right? Who wants to stay in one part of the city and live their entire life? As the summers have set in, it is the perfect time to pay a visit to India’s mighty mountains. The snow-covered peaks, the freezing temperatures and hot noodles in some unknown shop, along the high trekking roads are what we all crave for. The deathly winds caressing our cheeks and turning them red, as we stare into the horizon beaming with fog and snow, feels heavenly.

7: Dharamshala and Dalhousie: The Treasures Of North India

Beautifully nestled in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is no less than a paradise. The exotic location and the serendipity of the enthralling surroundings is a treat to the eyes. A perfect combination of dense green forests, snow-covered peaks and waterfalls adorn the enticing location. The temperatures stoop quite low and make it a memorable trip of your lifetime. Dalhousie is a little bit away from Dharamshala and is equally beautiful with the realm of nature, wrapping it under its gentle arms. You can try out recreational activities at Lake Khajjar along with your loved ones under the supervision of professionals. Situated in a beautiful location, tall cedar trees surround the tarn.

Best Time: From October to March
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Suggested Packages: Take a Trip to Dharamshala

6: Kinnaur and Chitkul: The Chilly Retreats Of The Himachal

The bright blue sky, interrupted by the sharp, steep peaks of the mountains, adorned in fog and snow, Kinnaur is the district that awaits soul seekers like you! Known for the tranquillity that prevails in the atmosphere, this place stirs your soul, and you wish to reside in that very district for the rest of your life. Chitkul is the highest place in the Sangla valley in Kinnaur that offers some exotic sports and adventures for you amidst the freezing degrees. Try your hands out at fishing trout in the river Baspa, or you can even go for hiking in the woods and expect to chance upon some mountain deer if you are lucky.

Best Time: From March to April and From September to October
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5: Manali: The Cinematic Views And Adventures

As the word “filmy” comes in, “romantic” has to follow it in tow. Known for being one of the famous and perfect honeymoon destinations of all times, this place is incredibly charming. However, even if you are single and an explorer, this place can prove to be beneficial since you can quickly try out the different adventures and sports in the mountains. River rafting, skiing, hiking, and paragliding are some of the sports to try out on the snow-capped location. If you are looking for some more risky affairs, then mountain biking and mountaineering are your things. Zorbing, too, is an adventurous sport there. Keep rolling in the sizeable transparent balloon and get a view of the world upside down. Jeep safari can interest you too, and help you explore better with the Manali travel guide.

Best Time: From October to February
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Suggested Packages: 4 Nights 5 Days Manali Tour Package

4: Darjeeling: The Queen Of The Hills

The picturesque range of hills in the North Bengal, Darjeeling comprises the lush green tea plantations amidst the majestic ranges, shrouded in snow. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain peak in the whole wide world, is located over here, presenting a scintillating view of the golden-capped peaks. You can expect to experience some of the greatest adventures of all times, as you opt for rock climbing and paragliding long with a sprinkle of some zorbing and camping, to add to the list. Trekking along the undulating and rugged terrains is another thrill entirely. Check out the kayaking and mountain biking if you are daring enough, under the supervision of the professional trainers and supervisors. Book Darjeeling tour packages that offer you attractive deals.

Best Time: From October to March
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Suggested Packages: 4 Days Private Darjeeling Tour Package

3: Gangtok: A Blissful Terrain

Majorly known for the serenity and bliss, Gangtok has garnered a favorite spot in the hearts of tourists. However, for travelers and explorers, Gangtok is a different place altogether. In spite of being the terrain of peace and calm, it offers some thrilling adventure sports to keep coming back to this place over and over again. Feel the adrenaline rush in your veins as you start the river rafting on river Teesta and gradually gain force and slide through the rumbling waves rising in foams. The yak safari, too, is a good option if you want to explore more of the place. Paragliding is another sport that is a must-try if you are in Gangtok along with a ropeway ride to enjoy an aerial view of the site.

Best Time: From September to June
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Suggested Packages: 5 Days Private Gangtok Tour

2: Nubra Valley: A Coveted Destination In The Himalayas

Nubra valley is one of the most famous destinations in the Himalayas. Explorers and travelers have visited this place quite a few times, and Nubra valley has become one of those places that have attained quite a fame. Hundar is a place in the Nubra valley and offers some fantastic experiences. You can try out a camel ride in the deserts of Hundar, and it will surely remain as one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The Bactrian camels are a part of the beautiful location and have double humps and goofy faces, which make them super unique in appearance. This once in a lifetime experience will remain etched in your heart forever.

Best Time: From April to June
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Suggested Packages: 6 days Private Nubra Valley Tour Package

1: Pangong Tso: A Lake Of Wonders

Famously known for its changing colors, Pangong Tso is the lake that stretches from India to China and offers a magnificent view. The waters of the lake are crystal clear, and the reflection of the barren mountains in the waters of the lake creates a sterling frame that is worth a visit. Camping along the lake is a regular affair and is not really a sport, but surely is one adventurous thing to try out. Biking in the steep mountains with chilly winds piercing your bones is, of course, another daring, adventurous sport that you can opt for.

Best Time: From May to September
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Suggested Packages: Best of Ladakh Tour with Nubra Valley and Pangong

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and put on your traveling shoes as we plan your perfect adventurous trip to the Smoky Mountains of India!


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