Akshardham Temple Delhi: Timings, Entry fee, Things to do, How to Reach

Akshardham Temple Delhi: Timings, Entry fee, Things to do, How to Reach

Called as Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple or simply Akshardham Temple, it is one of the most popular Hindu places of worship in Delhi. The temple is a brilliant example of Indian art, heritage, culture, rituals, and values. It has been built by thousands of craftsmen as a dedication to Lord Swaminarayan and other gods.

It is a major tourist spot and displays the traditional Hindu culture and architecture. The temple has been built with Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble without any iron or steel and has a blend of architectural styles from across India. There are 234 carved pillars, 9 domes and approx. 20,000 sculpted figures.

You should surely visit this beautiful piece of art and imbibe the experience and soak in spirituality.


The temple has ancient-styled Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex and it was built only in 5 years with the efforts of 11000 artisans and BAPS volunteers. It was built on the wishes of Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj, who thought a Mandir should be built on the banks of the Yamuna. His successor and spiritual leader of BAPS Pramukh Swami Maharaj fulfilled his wish and the temple was open to the public in 2005.

Inside the temple:

In the centre itself, you will see a plated sculpture of Lord Swaminarayan surrounded by five successors. Also in the front, there are four different avatars and their devotees- Krishna, Radha, Narayan, Lakshmi, Sita, Ram, Shiv, and Parvati. There is a lot to observe in the temple and you can circle around the temple to watch the details.

There are also bronze panels showcasing scenes from the life of Swaminarayan. The temple has several-layered structure and has intricate carvings on them. The first layer is called as Gajender Pith, which means Lord of elephants, it is built to pay tribute to the elephant.

You will see there are more than 300 sculptures of elephants, cows, trees, lions, and palaces. The layer is divided into sub-layers having representations of lions and dragons. At the entrance, you will see a big vertical layer of peacocks. Even the roof has beautiful carvings, patterns, and designs.

Inside the templeThings to do:


There are three exhibitions held at Akshardham Temple, available in Hindi and English. The first show is Sahajanand Darshan and the second one is Neelkanth Darshan. Through Sahajanand Darshan, you will learn about the universal values such as service, compassion, unity, and non-violence. Neelkanth Darshan includes a 45-minute movie on Lord Swaminarayan’s life. This show gives you an idea about the background of the temple.

Water Show:

The water show should not be missed and it starts after the sunset. You will see video projection, colorful lasers, water jets, music and live performances by child actors. It’s a 25-minute long show and is a beautiful sight to watch.

akshardham_watershowPremvati Food Court:

After the temple visit, you can eat your heart out at the food court at Akshardham Temple. It’s a very clean and large restaurant inside the Akshardham Temple. The prices are low and it serves a delicious meal.

Souvenir Shop:

You can visit the souvenir shop located near the restaurant and buy stuff like paintings, medicines and other souvenirs.

Best time to visit:

The nest to visit Akshardham Temple is from October to March and year round. During the summers, it becomes hot and you may not be able to enjoy the trip so much.


The timing of Darshan at Akshardham Temple is 9 PM to 7 PM. It is open all days except Mondays.

Ticket fee:

There is no entry fee for the main shrine. The exhibition and the water show are ticketed. Tickets cost 170 INR for the exhibition and 30 INR for water show.

How to reach?

The nearest metro station is Akshardham Metro Station and the complex is just a 5-minute walk away from the station.

Visit this architectural marvel Akshardham Temple now and take back beautiful memories with you.


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