All Eyes on Indian Wildlife, Thanks to Our Prime Minister

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Our beloved Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is always on the news owing to his fascinating trips all over the world and his interesting political decisions that become the talk of the town. This time, however, he has taken over our television screens and mobile phones for a completely different reason. Yes, we are talking about the Man vs Wild episode that premiered on Discovery Channel on 12 August this year and took every Indian by surprise as they saw Modi join the famous adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls, exploring one of the most popular places to visit in North India i.e. the Jim Corbett National Park in the mesmerizing state of Uttarakhand. Owing to the popularity of the episode around the world and Modi’s own excessive interest in nature, wildlife is going to be the theme of the Incredible India campaign for the next 2 months.

Modi’s Incredible Jungle Adventure 

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It was pretty surprising to see our Prime Minister exploring the Indian jungles with Grylls but what was even more interesting was to see that Modi has an undying love for Mother Nature and that came across pretty evidently in his conversation with Grylls throughout the show. Later, while addressing the public on his radio show, Modi shared that there is an abundance of greenery and exquisite locations in the North. He shared how traveling to explore nature’s beauty can be one of the most calming things to do in the Northeast that would provide people new energy and boost their enthusiasm towards life.

Wildlife Becomes The Face Of Incredible India

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Even before the episode premiered, our Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel, who seemed pretty impressed with Modi’s venture into the woods, exclaimed, “There is no bigger icon for India than the Prime Minister, be it wildlife or tourism or anything else. His episode will be shown on Discovery tomorrow and we have decided to make it (wildlife) our theme for Incredible India for the next two months”. 

With the growing interest of celebrities and people of influence in Indian wildlife, we can certainly hope for a positive change in this sector resulting in improvement in living standards of animals and better maintenance of wildlife reserves.

The Voice Of Modi’s Heart Resounds With Love For The Nature


Modi has time and again been expressing his affinity towards nature and his love for the flora and fauna didn’t end with the Man vs Wild episode. In a recent episode of his radio show Mann ki Baat, Modi expressively discussed the significance of our nature and wildlife and how we not only need to conserve it but also need to be compassionate towards it. He exclaimed, “We need to not only conserve our forests, flora, and fauna but also create an environment wherein they can flourish properly”.  He also lauded the efforts at tiger conservation, being happy about the fact that the number of tigers in the country has doubled in the last few years, which is a significant step towards protecting and improving wildlife in the country.

With people like the Prime Minister appearing on public platforms, sharing the need to protect the environment, public become aware of the currently depleting status of our planet and act responsibly. Moreover, such public appearances also increase tourism prospects with a boost in booking of India tour packages which will not only support the economy of the country but will also ensure increased efforts at safeguarding our wildlife reserves. All we can hope is that influential people keep exercising their privilege in trying to help our planet!


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