Are You Ready To Travel India, All By Yourself?

Are You Ready To Travel India, All By Yourself?

The things I am about to talk about might sound a little driven or something one would find sealed inside a fortune cookie, however, there is no other way that one should travel other than solo. Yes, it applies to your own country as well. Being a travel blogger, I spend most of my days on the road, decide on different tour packages, traveling to distant undiscovered land all by myself and I can’t tell you guys how liberating and rewarding that experience is.

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When the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and diversified nature of this country is there to accompany you every step of the way, why do you need someone else? From the undulating landscape to the bracing mountain air, desert dunes, exuberant culture, serene seashores, delectable cuisine, ancient ruins, fabulous forts, wondrous beaches, pulchritudinous palaces, and so much more awaits your arrival. Every place is magical in India and it has got loads of secrets to share with you. Get ready to not only to discover the charisma that lies hidden in every nook and cranny of this country but also about yourself.

Are there any reasons why you should travel alone?

 Are you planning to travel all by yourself for the very first time in India? If so, then there is a high chance you are looking to justify your decision. Don’t worry, I have you covered.

  • It’s A New Era

 The rapid and impressive way in which India is transforming is quite impressive. From ladies’ hostels to cheap accommodations suitable for every woman – there is nothing that one won’t find these days. So, why wait?

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  • Meet New People, You Will Have A Change In Perspective

 Well, I don’t really have to tell you this, but Indians are a funny, crazy, and friendly breed of people. In case you are looking for that soul-stirring, jaw-droppingly amazing experience, then there is no other way to travel but solo. Pack your bags and head straight to the northeast region of this country. The offbeat track, fascinating cultures, authentic locals, and breathtaking views will open your mind to the experiences that you can have if you continue down this path.

  • Oh, The Food!

 The taste of Indian cuisine changes every few miles. Even when you are well aware of the dishes the flavor of it can be something you haven’t tried before. The creamy, rich sauces the North Indians create is way too different from the fragrant, light, and coconut-y South Indian dishes. Then there are the amazing seafood dishes, roadside delights, and unbelievable desserts. I guess I don’t have to tell you how comforting the food in India really is.

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  • Boredom Will Run Away The Other Way

 If you are wondering what you are going to do all by yourself. How are you supposed to spend time in a place you have no knowledge about then there is again nothing to worry. The addictive chaos which is present in Mumbai or the breathtaking beaches of Goa or the snow-capped Himalayas, which are indeed a visual treat or Kerala’s sweeping rice fields – no matter where you go boredom will never follow you. There is so much for you to explore, to enjoy, to soak in.

  • And, There Is So Much To Shop!

 If I didn’t have your attention so far, I am sure I definitely have it now. Ladies, the exquisite fabrics, gorgeous prints, and handmade accessories available in almost every bazaar will stir the inner shopaholic in you. The insanely cheap prices and unbelievable variety will definitely brighten up anyone’s mood.

A tour to different parts of India might seem like a scary adventure that you don’t want to be a part of all alone. But, all you need is the courage to take the first step and you will see how truly amazing your experience turns out to be. Ideally, the best time to visit India is between the months of October and March. The summer and monsoon season might feel way too overwhelming to travel. The unbelievable heat waves will make it difficult unless you are traveling to the majestic mountains.

The Best Places In India To Travel Solo

 From the lofty and rugged mountains to the modern cities and coastal towns – the breathtaking destinations India has will definitely offer wanderlust souls the adrenaline boost they seek. Check out these places that are my absolute favorite when it comes to solo travels.

  • Trekking In The Tirthan Valley

 How would you like to spend a night amidst the beauty of the lustrous hills? Himachal Pradesh with its forests simply remarkable and its charisma too hard to resist. The surreal and once in a lifetime experience in the woods here in Sojha (a pristine little village) will melt your worries away. The scrumptious food, wooden houses, and surrounding scenic beauty that you will never be able to forget will ensure you can finally relax the way you desire. There are amazing leisure activities too.

  • Sightseeing In Auli

 Spending a night, bundled in warm clothes in front of a fire with strangers from different parts of the world is my favorite cup of tea. Auli is a haven for skiing and snowboarding.

  • The Deserted Land In Dhanuskhodi

 The closest you can come to Sri Lanka is this. The route to the east coast with its scenic beauty will exceed your level of expectations from this place. Unravel the mysteries and myths that cover every inch of this land. I loved the serenity that the blue ocean and white sand blend together to offer.

  • A Refreshing Trip To Sikkim And Meghalaya

 The Rangit and Teesta River that flows across Sikkim and the Kynshi in Meghalaya is for those travelers who seek adventure and are little daredevils. The untamed waters will take you on a journey that you can’t have enough of.

India is a hodgepodge of beaches, heritage, offbeat destinations, luxury, and not to mention an assemblage of soul-stirring activities. It is time to book a tour package to India and ditch your travel buddies(or family members) for a solo trip.


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