Athirapally Waterfall Indulge in The Beauty God’s Own kingdom

Athirapally waterfalls Thrissur Kerala

Athirapally waterfall: Kerala is not known as “God’s own country” for no reason. The plush green scenery, the picturesque landscape, the diversity of flora and fauna are few of the things that have helped Kerala in earning the rightful title.


Athirapally waterfall is among the most favourite tourist destinations in the state. It is one of the most famous waterfalls and is also the largest one Kerala has to offer. It is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

The waterfall has its origin in the upper side of Western Ghats. The waterfall stands about eighty feet and needless to say it is a great place to seek closeness to nature.

Athirapally waterfalls have earned a title for itself- “The Niagara of India”. So, you can already fathom the beauty of the falls because the title gives a serious hint towards it.

There is a railway station nearby to reach the destination easily. The railway station is only thirty kilometres from the waterfall and is known by the name of Chalakudi Railway Station.

You might also reach the place by air easily because the destination is only about fifty-five kilometres away from the Kochi International Airport.

The destination can be easily reached from places like Chalakudy and Angamaly by bus or by taxi. However, it is advised not to take a drive to the destination during night time because the waterfall is situated on the highway that connects Kerala with Tamil Nadu and is located amongst the thick and dense forest.

If you take a ride to Athirapally waterfall from Chalakudy, it is assured that the ride will leave a soothing effect on your mind and soul.

The landscape that you will find on your way will consist of small villages, winding roads and mesmerizing greenery. If you wish to reach the top of the waterfall, that too is possible!

All you need to do is take the paved path. This path will lead you to thick clusters of bamboo. There is also a narrow path which is steep as well leading to the bottom of the waterfall.

Athirapally waterfall attracts tourists across India. However, if you are planning to visit this place, it is the best to pay your visit at the time of monsoon spanning between June and September. This is a very common picnic spot for the local people around.


If you are a tourist in Kerala, then Athirapally must find its way into the list of places to visit. But it will be an impractical idea to only take a trip to Athirapally waterfall and miss the nearby tourist attractions.

So here are the five tourist spots which are nearby to the destination we are discussing so that you can enjoy the best of all worlds!


vazhachal_waterfalls_thrissurThese falls are at a distance of only about three kilometres from Athirapally waterfall. So, it will be a huge loss to miss out on this waterfall.

You can take a short stroll right from the entrance in order to reach the top of the waterfall. Hike down to reach the bottom of it. You can be assured that the views that you will capture will be spectacular and will bring you very close to nature.


PANIELY PORUThis location is at a distance of about 11.9 kilometres from Athirapally waterfall. This place has not yet made to the list of most tourists and that is what adds to the charm and beauty of the place.

It is natural at its best and is not at all spoilt by human methods yet. Hotels and resorts are building up gradually. So, hit this place before it gets too crowded!


KODANAD ELEPHANT TRAINING CENTREThis place is located about 12.7 kilometres from Athirapally waterfall. If you love wildlife, this must be on your list. However, the training centre has got moved to another place called Abhayaranyam.

This place is about three to five kilometres from the mentioned location. This is located near Kochi and is perfect for a trip with your family. You can also see the feeding of elephants here. A deer park is also present.


namamiThis place is located about 10.7 kilometres from Athirapally waterfall. Kerala is famous for its natural spa and body massage treatments.

This is a wellness resort which is a must visit if you wish to rejuvenate in the lap of nature and free your stressed mind, body and soul. The treatments are truly Ayurvedic. Located on the Periyar River’s bank, this place will definitely help you in relaxing truly.


PERINGALKUTHU DAMThis destination is located about 7.8 kilometres from Athirapally waterfall. This dam is a part of a hydroelectric power project built on Chalakudy River. Take a walk on the bridge and breathe in the fresh air, that’s all you need to do to enjoy the place!

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