Bangalore, Mysore OotyTour: One Day Is All You Need

Banglore Mysore Ooty tour packages

If Bangalore is in your mind, then you must know what it has got to offer you. Also, referred to as Silicon Valley it is well known all over the world for being the most happening cities in India. The exceptional growth in the IT sector and a rising cosmopolitan trend makes it India’s most progressive and developed city. The hi-tech city is blessed with a fine and dandy climate that has growing drinking, dining and shopping culture.

Visiting Bangalore gives travellers a wonderful experience, full of fun & pleasure. The city is surrounded by tons of nearby places to visit like Ooty and Mysore. To get some peace and with little time in hand, you can choose Bangalore Mysore Ooty tour packages and rejuvenate yourself.

Indiator, presents a list of places that you can choose for your one day trip from Bangalore and feel upbeat for the rest of the week.


Ramanagara, located at a distance of 50 km from Bangalore, it is encompassed by seven brilliant slopes. A perfect place for one day trip from Bangalore, it is renowned as the Silk City because of its silk and cocoon industry. The rocky terrains of Ramgarh are perfect for adventure enthusiasts. Head out to this amazing place and indulge in various activities like rock climbing, trekking, cave exploration and rappelling, etc. It is an ideal place for a wonderful vacation with your family as it is also a popular picnic spot.


Famous for its flora and fauna, Bheemeshwari should be a part of your Bangalore tour package for a one day trip. It is a favoured picnic spot for those who wish to indulge in outdoor activities. Mostly preferred for its adventure sports, trekking trails, camps, and jungle lodge your trip to Bheemeshwari is incomplete without witnessing the wildlife. Located at a distance of 120 Km from Bangalore, there are a variety of birds, which you can spot in this region at a daytime.

Nandi Hills

Enclosed with lovely hills and valleys the site consists of sprawling vegetation. With time the flow of tourists has increased to this scenic beauty. Located at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore, it offers an amazing view of the beautiful drive. Nandi Hills was once a summer holiday destination for Tipu Sultan. Those who wish to see an impressive sunrise or sunset from its peak make your way to the hills. Take a peaceful break to escape from the hustle bustle of the city. 


Mysore is one of the most popular destinations that serve as a weekend retreat for Bangaloreans. It is also the best halt for visitors going to places like Coorg, and Ooty. The official residence of the Wadiyar Dynasty, Mysore Palace, it boasts of its magnificent architecture and impressive interiors, which is worth a visit. For a better look at the grandeur of the royal family, one can also tour their former residence. Other interesting places to see in Mysore for recreation include the Mysore zoo, Railway Museum, and the Regional Museum of Natural History. Located at a distance of 143 Km from Bangalore a lot more can be done on a day tour from Bangalore to Mysore.


The city is steeped in the ancient history and it is an ideal spot for culture studies enthusiasts. It is one place in India that houses several centuries old, temples and monuments. Located at a distance of 182 kilometres from Bangalore, Hassan got its name from the Goddess Hassanamba. Some of the places that you must visit in Hassan are Ramanthaour temple, Shettihalli Rosary Church, Hoysala temples and Gorur dam.


Nrityagram, located at a distance of 35 km from the city, Bangalore it is one of the first prevalent Gurukul in India. Discovered by Odissi dancer Protima Gauri the place is well known for playing an active role in developing classical dance forms. One can always find students working on their traditional dance skills here. They witness footfall of tourists and enthusiast, dancers from all over the world.

Hogenakkal  Waterfalls

‘Niagara Falls of the East,’ Hogenakkal is a masterpiece that attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is a picturesque location at a distance of 180 Km from Bangalore. Here you can spend some time away from the chaos of the city life. You can enjoy swimming in the lower reaches of the falls and capture all the precious moments of the gushing waters with your camera.

This time does something different on your trip to Bangalore. With an array of option available near Bangalore for a one-day trip, you can plan ahead, or just opt for a spontaneous trip with your friends. Some of these places, which can be included in your Bangalore tour packages India, are apt for solo travellers from any part of the world.


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