Be The Real Life Mowgli of The Jungle Book in India

Jungle Book

‘The Jungle Book’, the name brings back a thousand memories from our childhood, which sends us to the dreamland that we never wanted to leave. The story of an abandoned child and its protagonist, ‘Mowgli’ kept us captivated by how lovingly he was raised and protected by the most dangerous animals in a forest like their own child. The book was a masterpiece by its author Rudyard Kipling, who gifted us the la-la-land with a jungle hero.

The gripping spell of the Jungle Book

Just like every other child, my ideal hero was Mowgli, I used to act like him and would often talk and play with my toy friends Raksha (mother), my tiger enemy Shere Khan, black panther friend Bagheera and most playful partner Baloo the bear. Amid that crazy childhood penchant, I decided once I grow up, I would definitely visit the land of Jungle Book. But was miles away from the fact it existed nowhere else but in my own country India – Pench National Park. The jungle topping the list of the best Wildlife Safaris in India.

Pench National Park – The homeland of Mowgli

This National Park in India was the magical stage of the famous book which gave friendship goals and life lessons to many children across the globe. The world where we wanted to enter and never come back, to live with the animal friends that befriend and take care of us exactly like Mowgli.

Pench National Park is the most famous national park followed by Kanha and Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh. The name comes from the Pench River that flows crossing the park from north to south bisecting it into two halves. It is particularly famous for having the largest tiger population in India. The Bengal tiger is the main attraction that drives a large number of wildlife lovers to this place. The dense forest reserve is also home to Indian leopard, jungle cat, barking deer, nilgai, sambar deer, etc.

The swathe of green forest also nurtures bird life with over 210 species of migratory birds. It is a great place to sight peafowl, blue kingfisher, magpie robin, myna, etc.

My experience of safari on the la-la-land

It was a college break and I had a bunch of friends all set to discover the wilderness and our childhood memories in – Pench Tiger Reserve. The park can be entered by any of the three gates. We hired an open jeep safari in the company of a knowledgeable naturalist. The freshness of the jungle-covered with a thick cover of trees like teak, salai, amaltas, saja, etc. We captured some picturesque scenes in our shutters of a vibrant maze of grasses, newly born saplings, short springs making a perfect backdrop view.

On our jungle safari, we were lucky enough to sight the Bengal Tiger from close quarters. We saw wandering barking deer, jungle cats, sambar deer and more. The gorgeous birdies flying in frenzy made our day and was cherry on the cake.

India – the rich mélange of diverse wildlife

India is a dramatically disparate country with an attractive shifting culture and geography. If nothing else, but there was one thing in common between me and my childhood hero – the love for nature. In the journey of growing up, my dearest escape from the usual disappointments of life was taking a hike. Few hours with nature and I am fully recharged than ever. In the meantime, I went to some of the mind-blowing Indian Jungle safari tours like Ranthambore National Park, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. The land of diversity is filled with speckles of multifarious wildlife delights.


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