Best Kid-Friendly Places To Visit This Children’s Day

Kid-friendly places to visit

Kids look forward to adventurous escapes in order to indulge in fun-filled activities. Children’s Day is an apt occasion to surprise your kids with a trip to amusement parks that are not only unique but extremely attractive in their theme and services. Here’s a list of 5 kid-friendly places across India that will make for the best Children’s Day gift for your kids.

  • Imagica Theme Park, Mumbai

Ticket price- 1299 on weekdays, 1499 on weekends

1) Imagica Theme Park, MumbaiLocated just off the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the Imagica Theme Park is one of the most attractive adventure sites in the country, boasting the largest roller coaster rides in India. The park is a culmination of adventure rides along with themed restaurants and water parks that make for a wholesome entertaining escapade, not only for the kids but for the entire family. The fantastical elements of the park such as the Native Stars of Imagica provide the kids with an opportunity to experience the art of storytelling and escape the mundane. Book a Mumbai tour package to experience the thrill.

  • Waste to Wonder Park, New Delhi

         Ticket price- 25 for kids, 50 for adults

Excursions planned for kids are all the more rewarding if they also provide the kids with lessons of a lifetime. Visiting the Waste to Wonder Park will make your kids realize the importance of creativity and how waste products can actually be brought to interesting use. The Waste to Wonder Park comprises of replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World but what makes it interesting is the fact that the replicas are created out of about 150 tonnes of scrap material such as auto parts, car engines, etc. If you wish to make the sight-seeing trip more informative, book a Delhi tour package and visit the park to make the best of this Children’s Day.

  • Snow Kingdom, Chennai

          Ticket price- 550

Kids love snow and the thrill emerging out of visiting snow-clad places. But you don’t have to wait for winter to arrive to plan a trip for your kids. The Snow Kingdom located in Chennai is just the place to give your kids the essence of a snow-covered location. From the man-made Swiss Alps to arenas created for snow-fighting, this place has everything to give your kids the entertaining recluse that they deserve. Not just that, the place is host to more than 40 flavors of mouth-watering ice-creams that will leave your kids satisfied and how! So book a Chennai tour package and do not miss to visit this excessively ‘cool’ place.

  • Wonderla, Bangalore

         Ticket price- 740 for kids, 923 for adults

Wonderla is not a new name in the amusement industry and has been a source of entertainment for a number of cities. But the Wonderla at Bangalore is credited to be one of the best in the country. Spread over an area of a massive 75 acre of land, Wonderla is adorned with a whopping 52 rides including the fun-filled water rides. The amusement park also boasts of wave-pools, water disco and in-house restaurants that will make the trip worth your time and money. Book a Bangalore tour package to enjoy a fun-filled day with your family.

  • Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

         Ticket price- 950 for kids, 1150 for adults

While film cities may seem more appealing for adults than kids, Ramoji film city provides a bunch of fun activities for kids to indulge in. Apart from getting to witness movie sets up close and personal, the Ecozone situated within the film city offers a variety of amusement and entertainment settings such as the bonsai and butterfly parks. The place also offers a plethora of high-adrenaline activities such as paintball, bungee jumping, etc. giving the kids as well as their parents a chance to indulge in wholesome entertainment. You can book our Hyderabad tour package to visit the famous Ramoji film city and enjoy a much-needed break with your family.

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