Best Places in Bangalore Visited by Foreign Tourists

Places in Bangalore

Considered one of the most forward IT hubs in the country, Bangalore is one of those cities where the confluence of the modern times and the age-old traditions of India happen almost seamlessly.

Prior to being one of the most happening and hip cities in the country, Bangalore boasted a rich cultural history and a heavy influence on the arts.

In the vein of that, we take a look at some of the best tourist spots in the city of Bangalore.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace:

Situated in Srirangapatna, this is a staple in any Bangalore Mysore Ooty tour package. The Tipu Sultan Palace is also known as the Daria Daulat Palace and back in the day, it served as the summer residence for the Sultan and it was built during the brief period when the Sultan had shifted the capital to Srirangapatna.

Although Islamic, the Sultan had a policy of religious tolerance, which is why he allowed for a temple to be built in front of the palace.

You can visit the palace any day at any time between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and tickets for non-Indians cost 200/- rupees.

Heritage SitesNational Gallery of Modern Art:

No Bangalore tour is complete for the art lover without a visit to this place. Not only is the architecture a combination of the modern and the traditional, but it was done especially to compliment the Manikyavelu Mansion since this place used to be a former residence.

Of course, the major focus of all of the displays, graphic installations and sculptures is the development and the journey of the modern art movement in India.

Entrance fee to the National Gallery of Modern art for foreigners is a little on the expensive side with 500 rupees.

bangaloreISKCON temple:

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, also known as ISKCON, was established in 1997. It consists of a number of temples dedicated to various Hindu gods situated inside a complex. Not only does this complex have a good parking space, but the main temple serves free afternoon meals between 11:30 to 1:30, and if you reach before and after the designated time, you will get Prasad.

You can buy religious gifts as well as idols from the number of stalls located inside the campus. Of course, do not forget to give their organic coffee a try at the restaurant.

ISKCON temple banagaloreKrishna Rajendra

If you want to see places around Mysore for 1-day trip, then make sure to include the Krishna Rajendra stunning market on your list.

Considered the biggest flower market in all Asia, this is a treat for all of your senses. Be it an array of colourful garlands, dyes brighter than the sun, ethnic jewellery that shines like gold or sensual spices with beautiful aromas, you will find them all here.

But remember to be careful with your belongings since the Krishna Rajendra Market also happens to be the biggest, most crowded and busiest market in the entire city.

Kaikondrahalli Lake:

There is no better way to end your Bangalore tour than with a calm and serene walk along the edge of the Kaikondrahalli Lake.

Entry is completely free and unfortunately, there isn’t much activity here that you can partake in. However, if you come, come for the breath of fresh air.

Winter visits come with the added advantage of being able to watch hundreds of different kinds of migratory birds. We suggest that you visit the lake during the time when there is still light, and preferably before dawn as it tends to get a little crowded by joggers and kids playing nearby.


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