Celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Party Capital of India

celebrating New Year in Goa

2019 is approaching its end and as much as it bothers us, we can’t contain our excitement for the approaching festivities. December is synonymous with Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve which is marked with pulling an all-nighter and partying like there’s no tomorrow. And what can be a better place for carousing than the party capital itself! Yes, a Goa tour is indeed the perfect plan for revelling in the year-end festivities and here’s why!

What Christmas in Goa looks like?

celebrating Christmas in GoaThe fact that Christianity is the second largest religion in Goa makes Christmas a big deal in this vibrant state and that’s reason enough why you shouldn’t miss a trip to Goa during Christmas. The beach state is home to a number of stunning old churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, and Church of Lady of Rosary, to name a few, which host exquisite celebrations during Christmas. The place is already very popular for its lively nature but this very vibrancy doubles up during Christmas when the place is lit up and is full of people joining in the festivities. The midnight mass at the church known as Missa de Galo is the highlight of Christmas celebrations in Goa and you should definitely partake in the events to see why Christmas in Goa is possibly the best in the country.

 New Year party scenes in Goa

New Year can’t go uncelebrated and if we talk about celebrations, we’ve got to talk about Goa as it is India’s Party Capital where visitors go crazy enjoying the sparkling vibe of the city. Goa during New Year’s Eve is a sight to behold as every prominent beach is prepped up for the most happening parties. Whether you go to the rave or cruise parties, revelling with both strangers and dear ones is one of the most popular things to do in Goa. The nightlife of Goa is anyway world-renowned but the liveliness multiplies during New Year as people from all around the world come to Goa looking for a memorable time. Other than partying all night long and visiting some of the most exciting casinos, you can also enjoy adventure sports or go to the rejuvenating spas for giving a pleasurable start to the year. All we know is, with so many fun places to explore, celebrating New Year in Goa will leave you spoilt for choice

Major attractions during the festive holiday

Here are some of the must-have experiences that you shouldn’t miss this December in Goa-

  • Christmas celebrations at popular churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus.
  • Cruise parties that are an absolute delight.
  • Dancing your heart out to the trance music in rave parties.
  • Fun beach parties at Calangute, Vagator, and Baga beach.
  • Sunburn Festival for all you party animals.
  • Tasting scrumptious Goan food in beachside barbeques of shack parties.

If merely reading about the celebrations has stimulated your desires, it’s time you book your Goa tour package already because rooms at Goan hotels sell like hot cakes during this season. So, hurry up!


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