Why Should I Go? Emotional Benefits of Crocodile Spotting in Goa

Why Should I Go? Emotional Benefits of Crocodile Spotting in Goa

Goa’s crocodiles are immensely popular amongst the tourists. Especially, for the Europeans who eagerly come to Goa for spotting crocodiles. This 4 to 5-meter long species, known as a mugger, is a favourite creature to spot in Goa creating excitement amongst tourists. Spotting wildlife creatures in their natural habitat is a great experience for your emotional well-being. If you want to restore your mental and emotional state, then carry your binoculars and spot these wild creatures in the rivers of Goa.

Here, Indiator gives some of the emotional benefits of Crocodile Spotting in Goa:

For experiencing the feeling of victory

Just imagine you are going on a boat ride encapsulated by the serenity of beautiful green trees, fresh air and the sight of pretty birds. Suddenly, the silence is broken. Here, comes a  crocodile swimming in the same river in which you are boating. How would you react? The thrill that you would feel would certainly be a memorable experience for you. Not just this, the experience will eventually increase the amount of self-confidence within you. Because when you encounter a thrilling experience, you suddenly feel like a winner. Seeing a tiger, crocodile or even going for activities like Paragliding makes you feel victorious as you overcome your fears.

Crocodile Spotting in Goa

For experiencing the love for wildlife

Humans always have the need to connect with nature and wildlife. There is a term known as animal therapy, which says that spending some time seeing wildlife creatures in their natural habitat is great for one’s  mental restoration. Something we all need in these modern times. Thus, taking time off from the beach parties in Goa. You can certainly head towards crocodile spotting in the city.

nature and wildlife

For a fresh perspective

A positive perspective is an essential thing that matters in a human life. It is one of the most valuable human qualities. Waiting to see the glimpse of the crocodile will keep you engaged in the moment. This will be the time when your level of engagement will be at its peak taking away the stress which is a fruit of our hectic lifestyles. Once you pass through this awakened self of yours all you are left with is a clear thinking. This is certainly something that you want to take back home.

Crocodile Spotting

For fine tuning your concentration

The Restorative Benefits of Nature: Toward An Integrative Framework is a famous article by Stephen Kaplan. Stephen is a known psychologist who talks about the impact of nature on concentration. In his article, he talks about Attention Restoration Theory (ART) which says that your attention is restored when you see landscapes and wildlife creatures in their natural habitat. So this is a perfect reason, to head towards crocodile spotting in Goa.

Now, you are aware of the immense emotional and psychological benefits of crocodile spotting. Thus, head towards Goa’s river and spot some crocodiles.


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