Exciting Places to Visit in the 12 long Weekends of 2020

12 Long Weekends

2020 is just around the corner and while people are busy deciding on their New Year resolutions and career plans, globetrotters can’t help but go crazy over the fact that the coming year has 12 long weekends in store for them! What does that mean? That means you don’t have to beg your boss for those hard-earned ‘I gotta save them for another time’ leaves to plan a fun vacation with your friends. And what’s more, you can finally check all the boxes from your travel bucket list before your hair turn grey and muscles give up!

Now that you have the perfect opportunity to bring your travel goals to life, we bring to you a detailed list of all the long weekends that are coming your way very soon and the fantastic places to visit in India during that time. Thank us later!

  1. January or Should We Call it JOURNEYary

Weekend: 11th and 12th January

Holiday: 13th (Lohri)

Where to go: Goa

In mid- January, you can bid farewell to your Monday blues, thanks to Lohri! With Monday being a holiday, you can easily plan a 3-day long vacation and chill like a boss. And what better place to chill than the party capital Goa! During this time, the New Year festivities would’ve just ended so you won’t have to face a swarm of strangers and will be able to spend a fun holiday in the company of your friends. Experiencing a quieter vibe in Goa while you are getting soaked in the tropical sun is a rare occurrence. So, do not miss it!

  1. Because Fun and February Go Hand in Hand

Weekend: 22nd and 23rd February

Holiday: 21st (Mahashivratri)

Where to go: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

The best thing in a corporate slave’s life is waking up to the realisation that Friday is going to be an off. The coming year is going to give you that happiness quite a few times, with February being just one of them. The festival of Mahashivratri is falling on Friday which is why you have 3 days to plan an eventful vacation. We suggest that you visit Himachal Pradesh for the biggest Shivratri celebration in the country that takes place in Mandi. The place is also famous for its International Mandi Shivratri Fair which is a celebration you should definitely be a part of. If not, you can savour the beauty of other exquisitely beautiful locations in Himachal Pradesh that are a treat to a traveller’s eyes and soul.

  1. MARCHing Towards Another Thrilling Long Weekend

Weekend: 07th and 08th March

Holiday: 10th March (Holi)

Where to go: Jaipur, Rajasthan

As long as you can manage to take a leave on Monday, you are all set to have a long and thrilling weekend in the month of March. If you are someone who would love to turn Holi into a thrilling HOLIday, this is the perfect time for you as you will have 4 long days to visit any place in the country. Our suggestion? Plan a Jaipur city tour! The Pink City is a heritage site with beautiful forts and palaces that will make you feel like you have stepped into a period drama. Moreover, Holi celebrations in the city are massive with the royal family itself participating in the event and elephants and camels joining in the celebratory parade.

  1. Welcome Spring With a Happening Holiday

Weekend: 04th and 05th April

Holiday: 02nd (Ram Navami) and 06th (Mahavir Jayanti)

Where to go: Kerala

Kerala Tourism -IndiatorThis is going to be the longest weekend of 2020, provided you take a leave on 03rd and once you do, you can easily plan an elaborate 5-day tour to some exciting place that you’ve been planning to visit all this while. If you ask us, the best way to make the most of this long weekend would be to book a Kerala tour package. The weather in Kerala would be perfect to enjoy a soothing houseboat ride on the backwaters along with treating your eyes with the unparalleled natural beauty of the palm-lined beaches and tea gardens. It will definitely turn out to be a memorable holiday.

  1. April Has More Love to Give

Weekend: 11th and 12th April

Holiday: 10th (Good Friday)

Where to go: Auli, Uttarakhand


While you are still hung up on the memories of your last holiday, April will be ready with another one! The first two weeks of April will be a relief in your busy lives as you can head to your favourite spot to de-stress yourself. After exploring the Southern beauty, it’s time for enjoying the alluring charm of North. Take an offbeat trip to Auli which may be a lesser-known place but that makes it one of the most idyllic sites in the country. If you love adventures, the place offers exciting activities like trekking, skiing, etc. so you will never have a dull moment while you are there.

  1. You MAY Be Up For Another Adventure

Weekend: 23rd and 24th May

Holiday: 25th (Eid)

Where to go: Leh

Let’s take a moment to thank the universe for timing the festivals so aptly this year. The biggest mood-spoiler for people keenly waiting for a gazetted holiday is to find out that it’s falling on a Sunday. This year, however, we’ve been lucky and how! With Eid falling on Monday, you will get three days to head out for some fun. You can rev-up the festival by not celebrating it in a clichéd way and enjoying in a paradisiacal place such as Leh. May is perfect for planning a tour to Leh as the weather is apt to trek or engage in adventure sports or just be mesmerized by the scenic splendour of the place. Do give it a try!

  1. October Breaks The Monotony

Weekend: 03rd and 04th October

Holiday: 02nd (Gandhi Jayanti)

Where to go: Hampi, Karnataka

HampiAfter being spoilt with a lot of holidays, the months from June to September will test your patience as you will go back to the grind with no long weekends to your rescue. However, the monotony will break with October as Gandhi Jayanti is on Friday which means you will finally have a 3-day long weekend to visit someplace exciting. In our opinion, Hampi would definitely serve the purpose. The world heritage site is not just a historically significant place but also happens to be one of the coolest spots to hang out with your friends. Adorned with ultra boho cafes and thrilling riversides, Hampi is a gem, to say the least.

  1. The Month’s Not Over Yet!

Weekend: 24th and 25th October

Holiday: 26th (Dussehra)

Where to go: Kolkata

And just when you thought you might have to wait for another month for a vacation, October drops a surprise bomb! The last week of October is marked with festivities and you get a total of 3 days to make the most of it. Dussehra is celebrated with infectious energy throughout the country but if there’s one place that tops the list, it is Kolkata. Plan a Kolkata tour during this time and you will be immersed in the vibrant and colourful vibe of the City of Joy. Every nook and corner of the city will be filled with people celebrating Durga Puja and making merry in traditional attires which is an experience you just can’t miss. And while you are at it, don’t forget to try some lip-smacking rasagullas!

  1. Digging on The Triple Bonanza!

Weekend: 31st October and 01st November

Holiday: 30th October (Eid)

Where to go: Darjeeling

As the month reaches its end, it’ll gift you one final holiday in the form of Eid. Make the most of this long weekend by visiting someplace beautiful as the weather in October is to die for. We suggest that you book a Darjeeling tour as post-monsoon the hill station is at its scenic best with lush green grasslands spread like a rich tapestry. You will have one of the most relaxing vacations in the lap of Mother Nature which is the perfect way to recuperate from your busy city life.

  1. Say NO To Boring Weekends With November

Weekend: 14th and 15th November

Holiday: 13th (Chhoti Diwali)

Where to go: Kutch, Gujarat

Mid-November is the 10th long weekend of 2020 and certainly the most festive as it is marked with Chhoti Diwali. Instead of celebrating the festival at your home, you can plan a tour to Kutch in Gujarat with your family. For one, the Rann of Kutch will make up for the perfect background to your hashtag travel goals pictures on Instagram. But for everyone else who has a life outside social media, the Rann Utsav is a wonderful occasion for you to have a gala time. From paramotoring to stargazing to jungle safaris, the event has a ton of activities that will make your holiday unforgettable.

  1. Making The Most of The Penultimate Holiday

Weekend: 28th and 29th November

Holiday: 30th (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

Where to go: Pushkar, Rajasthan

With the approaching end of 2020, a few more long weekends will come your way before you start planning for the next year. November end brings to you a three-day long weekend which is apt for you to head to the beautiful land of Pushkar. Not only is it one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan but it also hosts the very popular Pushkar Mela during this time which is a visual delight. The city turns colourful and welcomes its guests with a myriad of cultural events that shouldn’t be missed for anything.

  1. Ending The Year With a Bang

Weekend: 26th and 27th December

Holiday: 25th (Christmas)

Where to go: Sikkim

December is anyway filled with festive vibes but the month will get even more interesting with this amazing long weekend during Christmas. While most places in the country have exquisite arrangements during the festival if you wish to celebrate the occasion amidst nature’s enchanting beauty and in a quaint, peaceful place then Sikkim is a perfect choice. In December, the place is surrounded with gorgeous snow-capped mountains and the beautifully lit houses in that pristine white background create a vision like none other. Visiting the place is definitely worth a shot!

2020 can’t get any better, especially for people who love to travel and visit new places. So plan your holiday in advance and make the most of this rare opportunity.


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