Fathom The Royal Lifestyle Of The Kings By Riding Elephants In Amber Fort

Riding Elephants In Amber Fort

Jaipur is a mystical city, where every brick and mortar hums the hymn of history. The forts and palaces residing in the heart of this city reflect the magnanimous and the splendid lifestyles of the kings. From a very long time, Jaipur is considered to be a place of attraction for tourists for its majestic and royal existence. Every corner of this city has a mesmerizing ambiance which will take you back to the history of Indian kings and their dynasties. Amber Fort is one of those forts in Jaipur, which will charm you by its enormity. The elephant ride of this fort is the hot spot for the tourist attraction. Let us indulge a bit more about this incredible elephant ride in Amber Fort.

History Of This Fort That Whispers The Sound Of Kingly Life

The history of this fort was dated back in the 16th century, when the most trusted general of Akbar, King Man Singh 1 had initiated the making of this royal fort, which was later completed by Jay Singh 1. The fort is named after Amer state as the place is encircling the fort. “Diwan-I-Am” or Hall of Public Audience is one of the fascinating attractions of this fort. It is famous for its design and architectural decorations. At the moment, Amber Fort is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions of Jaipur where a lot of traveler throngs to embrace the natural and architectural beauty of this place.

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The Enlightening Elephant Ride And Everything That Comes With It

Your enchanting elephant ride will start from the bottom of the hill, and you will slowly rise towards the top. Most of the people prefer the elephant ride as it is an avant-garde experience and you can indulge in the imperial architecture of this fascinating fort during the ride. You will be in the state of awe, once you are done with this ride. The elephant is a slow-moving animal; hence, you will get 20-30 minutes approximately to cherish every moment, while riding this beautiful creature.

If this ride is not enough to quench the thirst of your wanderlust soul, then Rajasthan tourism has several other things on its palate to uplift your soul. You can scout the nearby places of Amber fort, riding on the elephants. Some of the beautiful neighboring places of Amber fort are sun gate and Jaigarh Fort. Also, you can spend some intimate time with these beautiful elephants by engaging yourself in some intriguing activities like bathing the elephants, feeding them and many other things. You can even use those elephants as your artistic canvas and paint them with some vibrant colors to make them even more beautiful.

You Have To Be Very Precise About Time To Enjoy The Majestic Ride On Elephants

As these rides have a magnetic charm of their own, several travelers gather in this place to take the pleasure of this one-of-its-kind ride and stand in a queue. Thus, if you want to escape the annoyances of the crowd, it will be best for you to reach that place early in the morning, within 09:00 AM. The rides start at 7.30 am in the morning and goes on until 11 am approximate.

The Jaipur Government’s Step Reflects Kindness and Empathy

Amber Fort is one of the eminent Rajasthan forts where you can experience the thrill of an elephant ride. But, due to the pressure and the rush during the tourist seasons, elephants were not getting sufficient rest, and they were exorbitantly working, which was hampering the health of these beautiful creatures. Hence, looking at the situation, Jaipur government confined the number of rounds that each elephant can travel. Each elephant can only take three shots per day with sufficient time for rest, and they cannot carry more than two people along with the Mahout. Almost everyone supported their decision, and they are considering it as a very significant step in ensuring the health of the elephants.

Thus, to capture some memories that you can relish for the rest of your life, choose Private Jaipur Tour with Elephant Ride and fill your nerves with thrill.



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