Gear Up for Summer Break with These Places to Visit in April

Places to visit in April in India

Winter has already said goodbye to us and summer has started to expand its territories. But for the travel enthusiasts, summer is just weather and the sweltering heat of the sun is not going to affect the wanderlust. Here, we are going to have a precise conversation about the fascinating places to visit in April in India where you can embrace the charm of summer vibes. These places will bring you solace and will cut down the confusion about whether to get excited about the summer or to miss the winter.

Darjeeling, West Bengal- The Blessings Of The Divine Nature

Known as the ‘queen of the hills’, this picturesque place has an enchanting appeal of its own. One of the most delightful facts about Darjeeling is its weather, which allows the visiting of tourists throughout the year. Snuggled amongst the most significant ranges of Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling is the charm of the latitude. If you opt for any Darjeeling tour packages, you will witness the superior craft of nature.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand- A Religious Land With A Hippy Vibe

If you are looking for a place, which is beyond tranquil and peace, Rishikesh is the one for you. Here, spirituality is considered to be a way of life, which leads you to the path of salvation. With its enchanting beauty, Rishikesh will not only summon peace in your heart but will also enlighten you with its charisma.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh- The Epitome Of Peace And Serenity

Residing in the lap of the gorgeous Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is a place with flabbergasting beauty. Opt for any Dharamshala tour packages, and you will find out that there are lots of things to do like trekking, paragliding, bonfires, parasailing as well as camping. Or you can just surrender yourself to the land of nature and embrace the harmony of peace.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh- The Nature At Its Best

A few words are not enough to describe the charisma, which Dalhousie radiates. This hill station was established in the year of 1854 by the British Empire, and it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, green dense forest and an enthralling ambiance, which makes it a perfect place to relax and spend some me-time.

Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir- The Heaven Indeed

Houseboats, beautiful lakes, stunning mountains, and several Mughal Gardens are some of the things, which come to our mind when we think about Srinagar. Once you visit the land of Srinagar you will get to know why it is called the ‘paradise on earth’.  A visit to the dazzling place is incomplete without a stay in the houseboat.

Wayanad, Kerala- A Love Letter From Mother Nature

Wayanad is a stunning hill station, which is located in the lap of Western Ghats. This place has a lot of things to offer that will excite you as a traveler. To be more precise, this place is the jack of all trades where you can give a little pump to your adrenaline rush by trekking, get drenched in the picturesque waterfalls or spend some time with the varied wildlife.

WayanadCoonoor, Tamil Nadu- The Hidden Gem Of The State

After Ooty, Coonoor is considered to be the second largest hill station in South India. To avoid the usual chaos of the known hill station, you can simply head towards Coonoor. The enchantment of this place will not only soothe your eyes but will also establish peace in your heart. The weather of Coonoor stays pleasant throughout the year, which makes it even more captivating.

coonoorMunnar, Kerala- The Whispers Of The Woods

To witness the never-ending green carpet of nature, you have to pay a visit to the land of Munnar. Apart from scenic beauties and mountain sports, there are several things that Munnar tour packages have to offer. Here, the exquisiteness of the place will make you feel like; you are lying in the green bed crafted by nature.

MunnarShimla- You Beauty!

The real beauty of Shimla lies in its enormous peaks covered with snow, the lush green valleys and the serene setting. Ideal for summer vacation the city lure you to extend your vacation every time you are in Shimla.

Manali- A Riveting Place From The Mountains

Manali is one of the most beautiful places in India, which has a very unique beauty. The dreamlike commingle of gigantic mountains and Pahari culture make this place really magnetic.

So, these are the places in India, which any India tour operator will compel you to visit in the month of April.


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