Get Ready to Travel in India’s First Private Train: Tejas Express

First Private Train: Tejas Express

While the railway in India has always been a preferred mode of transportation for a majority of people, yet people who prefer to travel in style are often found escaping this popular means. But, not anymore! With the introduction of the privatized train, one can now enjoy a fun and luxurious travel experience even while traveling by railway. The Tejas Express which has begun to operate between two popular cities of the country, namely Delhi and Lucknow is all set to change your perception of travelling in a train by making it a lavish affair. Going to be an important component of India tour packages soon, let’s see what all this fascinating train has to offer!

The Amazing Facilities Available In Tejas Express

People in India are often seen complaining about the not so impressive state of the Indian railway and rightly so. But with the introduction of the first privatized train, the Tejas Express, things will possibly take a positive turn. This train, that has been making a lot of buzz right from the announcement of its introduction, is actually adorned with a lot of facilities. First of all, by travelling in the Tejas Express, your Delhi to Lucknow trip or vice-versa will only be a matter of 6 hours 15 minutes which makes it faster than the renowned Shatabdi express! Moreover, ramps are installed in the train to allow ease of boarding and de-boarding.

Coming to the interior of the train, a highly impressed architect traveling in Tejas exclaimed that the interior resembles that of a plane! Indeed, the services offered by Tejas are no less than a lavish flight. Apart from some much needed facilities like reclining seats with charging points, CCTV cameras, and toilet occupancy indicators, the train also exhibits some rather plush features like on-board entertainment, water purifiers in every coach, tea/coffee vending machines, automatic doors, cabin crew and home to destination luggage pick-up and drop services that are an outstanding addition to Indian trains. With so many fantastic features, Tejas Express is sure to enhance your experience of travelling by train and may also increase the booking prospects of Delhi tour packages.

The Grand Inauguration That Kick-Started Tejas

The inaugural run of the Tejas Express took place on 5 October 2019 at 9:45 AM from Lucknow. The train was flagged off by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, who thanked the Prime Minister for starting the first corporate train in India and congratulated the first batch of passengers for being a part of a historic moment. The passengers were welcomed with flowers and tilak; and with the sounds of conch shells blown by priests and tunes played by police band, the maiden journey of Tejas Express commenced.

Timings, Schedule, And Fare Of Tejas Express

The Tejas Express is scheduled to run between Delhi and Lucknow with only two stops during the entire journey i.e. Ghaziabad and Kanpur for a mere 2 and 5 minutes, respectively. The departure from Lucknow will be at 6:10 AM and the train will arrive in Delhi at 12:25 PM. On the return journey, the train will leave Delhi at 3:35 PM and reach Lucknow at 10:05 PM.

Considering the number of facilities that the train offers, the fare of its ticket is quite decent. However, the ticket price from Delhi to Lucknow differs from the price of traveling from Lucknow to Delhi. While the Executive Chair Car ticket price of the former is 2450 INR and AC Chair Car 1755 INR, the latter is priced at 2310 INR for Executive Chair Car and 1505 INR for AC Chair Car. Moreover, in case of a delay, the passengers will get a refund of 100 INR for a delay of 1 hour and 250 INR if the train is delayed by 2 hours.

With such a wonderful train service getting commenced, not only are the passengers going to enjoy a flawless travel experience but even the tourism sector might experience a boost owing to an increase in Lucknow tour packages. Let’s see what the future unfolds!


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