Hit Up To These Best Night Clubs In India For Halloween Party

best Halloween party places in India

In the past years, the inclination towards celebrating Halloween in India has caught up the attention of people. Although, a few years from now it was just looked at as a festival celebrated in western countries. Due to increased exposure to American pop culture, films, sitcoms, and cartoons, Halloween has dragged the interest of the millennial generation. This is one festival where the religious aspect takes a back seat, and people are seen at their creative best. For kids, this has become another exciting holiday event and there are many schools these days that organize Halloween carnivals.

When enthusiasm is no less in India about Halloween the question is where one can attend the spookiest party. Below we provide a list of the best Halloween party places in India.

Mumbai: The City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai is fast to adapt to a new culture. For the same reason, Halloween has become quite prevalent there. Some of the popular places in Mumbai that are expected to through the spookiest party this year are Ark Bar at Marriott where DJ Akhtar and DJ Hardik will perform. To unleash the wild side of DJ Naveed Pirani music once can head to Wink, Vivanta by Taj. Play Boy Club is another spot to witness some Halloween fun in Mumbai.

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Kochi: Do Not Miss Night Party Scenes

The city is all decked up and ready to throw the scary Halloween night parties. The Kerala comic Brotherhood is organizing one such party that is going to be a hit among teenagers or kids. One can dress up as their favorite comic character and make it more interesting by performing their signature step. Le Meridian in Kochi has its own way of celebrating Halloween as it offers a fun cake mixing event for kids and their parents.

Goa: Notorious For Its Halloween Party

The city is synonymous with the party and it is definitely celebrating this spooky festival with a lot of pomp and show. The beach box café is hosting a ‘Scary Hour’ that expects you to dress up like a most creepy character. The Park Hyatt hotel In Goa is celebrating Halloween night with the best food and amusing drinks.

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Delhi: Night Crawlers Den

The capital of India, Delhi is not far behind from all the chaos created by the Halloween festival. Lord Of the Drinks is also all set to celebrate Halloween as they are organizing fright nights for the chilling experience. If budget is your main concern, then one can also head to the ‘Tourist Janpath,’ where you can feed on some north  India and continental food.

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Chennai: Relish Spooky Food

This city has its own way of celebrating the spooky festival of Halloween. There are also restaurants ‘BUZZ,’ and ‘Anise’ offering creative dishes like Spicy bloody lavash, Paleo witch finger cookies an appetizer like Cheesy eyes and Hot Finger pita wrap. The one with a sweet tooth, for them Devils cake is a must-try.

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The main motto of the spirit of any celebration is to spread smiles across the faces of children and adults. Halloween is a new addition to festivals in India so one should not shy away from dressing up and pretending to be a zombie or a magician for just a day.


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