How to Save Yourself from Being an Embarrassing Traveller

How to Save Yourself from Being an Embarrassing Traveller

If you have been to a lot of tours in India or abroad, you must’ve come across a wide variety of people- some talkative, some quiet, some interesting, some strange, and some of them who are downright annoying! No one wants to travel with people who lack the basic etiquettes for travelling. If you are going to plan a tour soon, these are the things that you should absolutely abstain from doing in order to come back with a bag full of happy memories instead of a list of people you ended up offending!

Devouring Your Food Like A Monster

Devouring Your Food Like A Monster - indiator

While good table manners are appreciated everywhere, people who chomp food like a fiend are especially annoying while travelling as one has no option but to tolerate that horrible sight and irritating voices of chewing and gulping. Messy eaters are a definite no-no! So if you want people to have a good time with you and enjoy a fun trip, make sure you work on your table-etiquettes.

Only Flushing Your Loo-Etiquettes

Only Flushing Your Loo-Etiquettes - indiator

One goes on travel excursions to revel in the beauty of foreign lands and cherish those memories for a lifetime. Awful sights of clogged toilets, wet and messy floor, and stinking washrooms is the last thing one would ever want to see, let alone at a time when you are enjoying a beautiful escapade. Public loos are mostly unbearable but if we finish our business with care and clean after we’re done, things won’t be as bad as they seem. So do not rush before you flush!

Too Cool For Rules

Too Cool For Rules - indiator

As travellers, we often tend to believe that since we don’t belong to the place, the rules of the place don’t apply to us. I have met a number of people who find it hilarious to break rules. If a note at the entrance of a monument says not to take pictures, people are thrilled to do exactly the opposite. The reason why we have rules is because they are for our own safety and well-being. Believing that it’s cool to break rules is the most annoying habit that would tick off anyone in their right senses. So for your next trip, be a responsible traveller and abide by all the rules.

Littering like a boss

Littering like a boss -indiator

Of all the things to do in India while travelling, some bizarre people choose to mess up as their favourite option. Travelling or not, littering is so not cool wherever you are. There’s a reason why bins are installed and the reason is that trash belongs in trash cans. A lot of travellers are seen dumping waste in open grounds which is not only a threat to the environment but it takes away from the beauty of the place, and ironically that beauty is precisely the reason why you decided to travel to that location in the first place. So, set a good example for your fellow travellers and don’t make a mess.

Being Selfish With The Selfies

Being Selfish With The Selfies - indiator

It’s okay to collect visual mementos of your tours in the form of selfies.  After all, those are the only tangible proofs of what an incredible time you had in the tour. However, people tend to go too far while indulging in this narcissistic activity. Some travellers are so selfish while clicking their pictures that they completely forget that they might be causing problems to the people around them. Most importantly, we keep hearing of people taking selfies at no-photography zones. Some people have also met with life-threatening accidents while clicking pictures at disturbingly dangerous locations such as hill-tops. While capturing moments is great, make sure that you are not troubling yourself or others for these momentary thrills.

With these 5 things in mind, you will turn out to be a fun travel partner and have a great time in your expeditions. So, go and explore the world but while you are at it, don’t forget to be mindful of your actions! 


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