Kerala Backwater Tours Will Take You on a Wonderful Journey!

Kerala Backwater Tours Will Take You on a Wonderful Journey!

A huge network of canals, rivers, lakes, and inlets amidst towns and cities makes Kerala backwaters a beautiful landscape and a major tourist destination. Cruising in houseboats on Kerala backwaters are quite popular amongst tourists and Kerala backwater tours is a thrilling experience.

There are many backwaters in Kerala that are rich in natural beauty and picturesque. Explore Kerala backwaters in traditional houseboats and get a glimpse of the life of people in backwater villages.

Kerala backwaters are fascinating and you are exposed to nature at its best with a cool breeze, greenery, wildlife, seafood, fishing and Kerala culture. Houseboat rides along the beautiful backwaters and you get to see the village life in the comfort of a houseboat.

Here are some Kerala backwater tours on different routes:

Kumarakom Backwaters:

A famous and scenic backwater destination, Kumarakom backwaters is located near Kottayam town. Kumarakom backwaters offer a glimpse of farm fields, local villages, bird sanctuary and you can enjoy the sunset while cruising. This backwater tour is extremely popular and gives unforgettable experiences.

Kumarakom BackwatersAlleppey backwaters:

Alleppey backwaters are one of the best backwaters and shouldn’t be missed. You will enjoy cruising in houseboats along the natural beauty amidst greenery, wildlife and paddy fields. Staying in the Alleppey backwaters in houseboat will complete your holiday.

Alleppey backwatersKuttanad Backwaters:

Kuttanad backwaters are one of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Kuttanad backwaters have scenic beauty around and it lets you explore the traditional Kerala life. You can also engage in fishing and bird watching.

Kuttanad BackwatersKasargod Backwaters:

A popular backwater destination, Kasargod backwaters takes you away from the daily hustle-bustle and you can enjoy in peace. Once in the houseboat, you will get to see landscapes, local villages, islands, and beach stretch.

Kasargod BackwatersKollam Backwaters:

Kollam backwaters are quite famous and the houseboats are beautifully furnished in European style. The traditional houseboats are also popular in Kollam backwaters, called as Kettuvalloms. Explore the coastal history, landscapes, local villages, greenery and untouched islands.

KollamKottayam Backwaters:

Kottayam backwaters are amidst paddy fields and green landscape. A trip around Kottayam backwaters in houseboat will give you a glimpse of the beauty of the state.  You can enjoy the food served in the houseboats which include seafood and coconut water.

Kottayam BackwatersKozhikode Backwaters:

For unique backwater experience, head to Kozhikode backwaters and cruise on a houseboat. Also called the Vasco De Gama, the surroundings at Kozhikode backwaters will make you feel out of the world. You will get to cruise along Kozhikode beach.

Kozhikode BackwatersKochi Backwaters:

Famous as a port city, Kochi offers great views and a bustling life of people on the shore. You will get to see a mix of traditional and modernity in the lives here.

Enjoy watching people involved in catching fish using Chinese fishing nets. Kochi backwaters are the most visited backwaters of Kerala. Witness the beauty of ancient architectural buildings, monuments, and markets of Kochi.

kochi-backwatersThiruvananthapuram Backwaters:

Enjoy cruising along scenic backwaters of Thiruvananthapuram in traditional houseboats. Trivandrum backwaters are calm and are famous for its canoe ride. Also, you can indulge in water sports and lose yourself in the serene atmosphere.

thiruvananthapuram-backwatersValiyaparamba Backwaters:

It is a popular stretch in Northern Kerala and is located close to the Bekal Fort Area and are totally untouched. It gives a peaceful vibe and you can enjoy the serenity. Tourists can indulge in fishing and crab hunting.’

Valiyaparamba BackwatersCherai Island Backwaters:

Presence of beautiful coconut beaches, calm backwaters, and rich culture makes Cherai Island backwaters a must visit the place. You can enjoy swimming here and relax at the golden beach.

Holidaying in Kerala is a memorable one and exploring Kerala backwaters should be on your bucket list this year. A traditional Kerala life with green landscapes, wildlife along a network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals is what Kerala backwaters are about.

Cherai Island Backwaters






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