Mumbai Offbeat Weekend Destination For New Year Celebration

Mumbai Offbeat Weekend Destination For New Year Celebration

Mumbai, the name itself holds a great gravity. With busy and accelerated life, Mumbai is considered to be a city that never sleeps. When in Mumbai, you will witness the colorful clash of cultures where destinies collide with dreams. If you can listen properly, this city has amazing stories to tell, which signifies the brilliance of a developing culture.

This city also has mesmerizing places in its palate, which are astoundingly beautiful and has many things to offer. So, here is the list of some soul-touching offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai, which is the best option to celebrate the commencing of the New Year.

Kamshet- The Paraglider’s Paradise

Only 110 Kilometers away from Mumbai, Kamshet is a place where you can spend some time with your adrenaline rush by experiencing some amazing paragliding. But, this place is much more than just paragliding. It has a rustic charm with superb scenic beauty. Your soul will enjoy an old-school charm when you stroll between the mud-thatched houses in the antiquated villages.

Kolad- The Place Of Adventurous Souls

Another underrated place, which lies in the lap of Maharashtra, Kolad has many things to offer. You should opt for this place if adventure fascinates you. When in this place, you can enjoy some thrilling activities by cherishing the flavor of rafting on the wild Kundalika River. So, if you want to indulge in Mumbai fun and adventure activities, you should definitely keep this place under your consideration.

Jawhar- The Pristine Combination Of Art And Nature

Considered to be one of the best offbeat places to travel from Mumbai, Jawhar is a place, hiding in the lap of Sayhadris. To get relief from the stress of the week, you can plan a trip to Jawhar, which is only 180 Kilometers away from Mumbai. Here, you can gorge on some breathtaking beauty of the hills and enjoy some psychedelic Warli art.

Sandhan Valley- The Valley Of Shadows

Sandhan valley can be described as a paradise for trekking lovers. Situated near Bhandardara, this place has some marvellous treks to offer. While descending through this ‘valley of shadows’, you will sense a mysterious thrill inside you. Also, you can relish the bliss of cliff camping here. You will find many customized Mumbai tour packages, which will take you to this place.

Harnai-Anjarle- A Beach With Peace At Its Best

This is one of the most hidden underrated hidden gems of Maharashtra, which a very knows about. If you want to spend a peaceful time, away from the chaos of daily life, you can give a visit to Harnai-Anjarle. Here, you can have a peaceful conversation with the wild waves of the ocean, while eating mouth-watering seafood. Hence, go to Harnai-Anjarle if you are in the search of some blissful places to visit near Mumbai.

Lonar- The Place Of Celestial Impact

Let us add a cosmic factor to the list. Well, Lonar Lake is a mysterious lake, which is said to be formed by the impact of a giant crater almost 50,000 years ago. Also, it is the world’s third largest crater found in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. One of the most mysterious aspects of this lake, it is perennial lake present in the dry places of Buldana. Enjoy a trek to the Lonar Lake and try to find out the mystery that lies in the echoes of this lake.

Mulshi Dam- The Place For Your Solitude

Mulshi Dam is a place soaked in pure solitude. If isolation is a gift, then Mulshi Dam is a place of isolation. The scenery of this place is dreamy and surreal, which will give you a getaway to a completely different dimension. To cherish the best out of this place, it is advisable to visit this place during the time of monsoons. Thus, to give yourself some time, visit Mulshi dam.

Maybe Mumbai is a very busy city with a very speedy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find solitude over here. With some amazing getaways, Mumbai has several vibes to offer. So, you can book amazing Mumbai packages and feed your eye with the breathtaking places.


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