Places To Enjoy A Soulful Sojourn In Rural India

Places To Enjoy A Soulful Sojourn In Rural India

Villages are often looked down upon due to lack of development and minimal modern amenities but when it comes to tourism and spending an enjoyable vacation, nothing can beat the rustic charm of soulful and secluded Indian villages. Bestowed with nature’s unparalleled beauty and home to some of the most fascinating components like astonishing legends and alluring religious shrines, the villages of India are indeed the heart of the country. If you are looking for the perfect India tour package to make the most of your vacation then definitely go through this list of villages in India that will give any other picturesque vacation spot a run for its money.

  1. Gokarna Village, Karnataka- Where Peace Meets Beauty

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must have been on a Goa tour but did you know that just a few hours’ drive from Goa can lead you to one of the most beautiful spots in the country? Gokarna Village is house to the second-largest Shiva idol in the country and a whole lot of picturesque locations that will blow your mind with their unending charm. A night stroll on the Nirvana Beach and a beach trek exploring the soothing rocky beaches of Gokarna is an experience that the village boasts of and is definitely worth a try!

  1. The Richest Village of India- Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

The fascinating rags to riches story of the Hiware Bazar make it one of the most popular places to visit in Maharashtra. With the efforts of a local named Popatrao Pawar, who was the only postgraduate in the village at that time, the village completely transformed. He shut down the liquor shops and initiated water conservation programs which led to the village’s prosperity. The effect? Hiware Bazar is now home to 60 millionaires! Apart from giving you a fun interactive session with the local village dwellers, a visit to the historic village would also be a great learning experience.

  1. Kasol Village, Himachal Pradesh- An Adventure Lover’s Paradise

Himachal Pradesh is home to a number of exquisite villages that are undoubtedly paradisiacal. But if there’s one place that is loved the most by travellers, it is the gorgeous Kasol Village. A Himachal Pradesh tour is incomplete without a visit to Kasol because it offers the most amount of fun.  Situated in the banks of Parvati River, the hamlet is the best spot to be visited by trekkers, backpackers, adventure seekers, and nature lovers.

  1. Kila Raipur, Ludhiana- Vibrancy At Its Absolute Best

Villages have a distinct aura as the closeness among its inhabitants and the cultural and traditional richness adds a different kind of flavour in its air. The festive vibe of Kila Raipur in Ludhiana, Punjab makes it a fun place to visit. From exploring sugarcane fields to getting the taste of authentic Punjabi dishes to experiencing hospitality at its best by the warm and welcoming natives, the village has everything that will make you want to visit again and again.

  1. Nature’s Delightful Treat In Munsyari, Uttarakhand

Like Himachal Pradesh, the state of Uttarakhand is also bestowed with some of the most stunning villages that are definitely a sight to behold. Munsyari is one such place that is adorned with the most picturesque sights owing to the beautiful snow-capped Himalayas that surround the place. The base of Milam, Ralam, and Namik Glaciers, the village is a paradise for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Moreover, home to the chimney-like 5 peaks called Panchachuli, the village is a marvel to look at and is possibly one of the most scenic hill stations in India.

The list may have come to an end but there’s a lot more to rural India that can’t be put into words and you will only be able to experience its charm if you actually visit it. So, stop waiting and book an India tour package exploring its villages to see what all this country has in store for you!

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