Rajasthan And Its Colorful Festivals Worthy Of A Visit

Rajasthan And Its Colorful Festivals

Rajasthan, as knows as the “land of the Rajas” with several royal families still prevailing in the forts and palaces, decks up in a myriad of hues every year as it celebrates the colorful festivals with full pomp and grandeur. People from all over the world crowd the place at this time of the year to behold the beauty of a lifetime. So book a Rajasthan tour package and witness the beauty of the colorful festivals listed below.

12. The Desert Festival- Decking Up The Dunes

Held during the Hindu month of Magh this festival takes place amidst the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. The place, which otherwise remains dilapidated all round the year, is adorned with a plethora of colors transforming the dull tones of sand into varying hues and shades.

11. International Kite Festival- Getting High On Colors

Attended by almost everyone around the city and kite fliers from other parts of the world, this festival is held in Jaipur on the 14th day of January every year. These interesting festival witnesses kite of different shapes, size, and colors getting competitive and soaring higher than the others.

International Kite Festival10. Pushkar Fair- Bringing Alive The ‘Deserted

The five-day event takes place during the months of October to November every year. The extravaganza that it displays can put any other festival to shame. It is a religious fair of the cattle, taking place in the valley around the lake of Pushkar which is surrounded by surreal dunes on one side and hills on the other three. The men and the women deck up in their finest of attires for the fair and bring the otherwise morose desertscape to life in these five days of the year.

Pushkar Fair9. Brajholi- Weaving A Colourful Scene

Just a few days prior to the actual festival of colors, this event is celebrated in Rajasthan with full gusto. This commemorates the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna and the ‘Rasleela’ is enacted out. People smear each other with ‘gulaal’(colored powder) and colored waters. All people are allowed to participate in the event and have a lovely time paving their ways to a memory of eternity.

Brajholi8. Teej Festival- Celebration Of Reincarnation

According to the Hindu myths, it took Sati, the first wife of Lord Shiva, 108 consecutive births to bring him out of his traumatic trance and make him accept her as his spouse in the form of Goddess Parvati again. This day celebrates their reunion. Precisely a festival of the married women, they take a holy dip and deck up in their red attires to worship the Goddess. During the festivities, a procession is carried out escorting a giant idol of Goddess Parvati, through the olden alleys of the city. She is believed to encompass marital bliss around the lives of couples.

Teej Festival

7. Jaipur Literary Festival- A Bookworm’s Delight

Held at the fag end of January each year, this festival has been on the go since 2000. The five-day long event gathers the book lovers from the corners of this world under one roof of forts or palaces. Both Indian and international authors make their way to this event, which comprises panels of discussions, interviews, question answers, and reading sessions. The lucky ones even get a chance to sign the copies of their favorite books from their authors as well. Book online Jaipur tour package to fix the dates in advance.

Jaipur Literary6. Rajasthan International Folk Festival- Event Of The Soulful Tunes Of Folks

This event lifts up the mood of the audience within a few minutes of attending the festival. With folk music almost fading away from the surface of this nation, this event celebrates the soul binding tunes and the language of the folk music that surpasses the grandeur of any other festivity. Several renowned artists come together as a part of their collaboration and create magic on stage. The event highlights other art forms as well apart from music.

Folk Dance5. Kota Adventure Festival- An Adventurer’s Hideout

Residing on the banks of the Chambal River, Kota plays host to a number of people from different parts of the world during this annual festival in Dussehra. It provides several adventure sports opportunities for people to participate in. River rafting, water gliding, and kayaking being some of them while rock-climbing, trekking and angling being the other delights.

Kota Adventure Festival4. Summer Festival- The Wonder Of The Hills

Taking place in Mount Abu, this festival is dedicated to the love and the warmth of the people of Rajasthan with which they welcome the tourists. The serene surroundings, the exotic location and the mesmerizing hospitality of the locals hosting the colorful event make it a lovely sight for the people to visit.

Summer Festival3. Winter Festival- The Warmth That Speaks For It

Just like the summer festival, this too is a celebration of the amazing hospitality of the locals and their warm-hearted gestures. The events taking place in Mount Abu, you expect to find a lot in the fairs that you visit. Fun and frolic being the main priorities, there are many options to witness great music and dance shows like Ghoomar, Gair, and Daph in the hills.

Winter Festival2. Rajasthan Music Festival- Strengthening The Thread Of Tunes

Welcoming music artists from all over the world, this event displays a wide range of musicians portraying their art forms. Artists from China, Philippines, USA, Israel, and Brazil fly down to participate and witness this exotic occasion.

Rajasthan Music Festival1. Magnetic Fields- Attracting People For Real

Just as the name suggests, this festival keeps the people hooked to it via the sensation and the energy that it creates. A hub for the underground artists both national and international, this place works as a magnet for the millennial people, mainly, who are in search of some great music and art.

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If you are hoping to visit Rajasthan, make sure you do not miss these places. Apart from so many things to do in Rajasthan, several occasions and rituals make it a hub for the photographers and bloggers from different parts of the globe, painting their blogs and feeds in a dash of happy tones.


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