Singapore cruise: The Best Way To Experience Singapore City

Singapore cruise

Singapore is one of the busiest and largest hubs in asia. Singapore is also known as “Melting Pot Of Asia” for a reason. Because it has some beautiful sights in the world. There is a never ending list of things to do in Singapore city. Whatever you are craving to explore to universal studios, Big bus night tour, Gardens by the bay, dolphin island or want to experience the most luxurious cruise in Singapore. 

Resorts World Cruise is a premium cruise experience offered by Dream Cruise Singapore. It stands out from other cruises in Singapore due to its unique blend of luxury, entertainment, and convenience. Resorts World Cruise remains a highly popular tourist activity in Singapore with their numerous entertainment options, high-end fine dining restaurants and bars and endless shopping options. While cruising on a luxurious and large ship, guests can enjoy a lot of activities on the liner as well as explore many cities. Usually, a cruise takes a few stops for a few hours and they allow the crew some off time and let guests walk around the city. 

Singapore is known for the cleanest and best-planned city in the world and is one of the most popular for cruise ship terminals. This city will appeal to anyone: party folks will enjoy the incredible nightlife, animal lovers will be amazed at the safari for nocturnal animals as well as the large zoo, While food lovers can enjoy the local food options. In this piece, we will discover the resort world cruise that you can hop on from Singapores.

Why is Cruising so Popular during Singapore Tour?

Why is Cruising so Popular during Singapore Tour?Cruises usually go through several countries and cities allowing their guests to experience the cultures, food and architecture of multiple places. There is no boring moment on the cruise ship while you are constantly surrounded by a full package of entertainment. 

Everyone will find something to enjoy, including cinema, shopping, casino, karaoke, theaters, restaurants, gyms, spas and much more. You can also meet, greet and hang out with people from all over the world and create life-long friendships. This is a stress-free vacation where you do not have to worry about making plans and can simply enjoy their time on the high sea. 

Why Take a Cruise in Singapore?

Why Take a Cruise in Singapore?Singapore is a small country situated near multiple Asian locations such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and more. By enjoying a Singapore cruise experience, you can travel to all these countries without the hassle of boarding a plane and looking for a hotel. 

Moreover, this country is known for its excellent security and technological advancement which will give you a piece of mind. Although not cheap, cruising offers you access to all kinds of food, entertainment and activities in one Singapore cruise package. 

How many days is enough to visit the Singapore Cruise?

If you are planning and craving to visit a Singapore cruise, then plan at least 3 days to 5 days. There are a lot of activities to do on a Singapore cruise. There are the two most popular packages for this cruise tour, such as, 2 nights/3 days or 4 nights/5 days. 

Singapore 2 night cruise and 4 night cruise tours offer over 30 restaurants and bars, casinos, spas, boutiques, live shows and adventure activities. It is welcome to all ages, including children with activities like Little Pandas Club and DJ classes. 

What Activities You Can Do on Your Singapore Cruise?

Singapore is a Southeast Asian melting pot of many nationalities. But what should you see when you visit the Singapore cruise?

  • The Palace – All inclusive and an exclusive suites enclave with private facilities and european-style butlers. There are boutique hotels for connoisseurs of true luxury and hospitality.
  • The Lido – Their buffet-style restaurant with a smorgasbord of international and halal cuisine including vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes.
  • Waterslide Park – Get drenched in fun on one of their six different waterslides.
  • Rope Course & Zipline – Feel the thrill of gliding above the ocean on a 35-meter zipline.
  • Zodiac Theatre – Enjoy live production shows from their entertainment team.
  • Bar City – Enjoy the world-renowned vintages, premium Scotch, whiskies, cocktails or bubbly while. They entertain you with performances and live bands.
  • Crystal Life Spa – Refresh your mind, body and spirit in their Asian and Western-style spas where you can also enjoy a combo of healthy meals and beverages.
  • The Boutiques – Spend on International luxury brands at their boutiques or outlet stores.
  • Zouk & Zouk Beach Club – There’s a party going on somewhere! Dive in at one of their famous pool parties or dance til dawn to the beat of their guest DJs at Zouk.
  • Little Dreamers Club – Leave the kids with them while you explore the ship. They’ll love their exciting line up of activities and classes for 2 to 12 years kids.

Tips for Your Best Singapore Cruising Experience:

If you are traveling for the first time then remember some important things like book in advance, pack necessary things, explore ship amenities, try local cuisine, and savor every moment. If you are not experienced as a cruise ship traveler, they have compiled a few tricks that will guide you to avoid common obstacles and enjoy a smooth vacation. 

Where Do Cruise Ships Leave in Singapore?

Marina Bay and Singapore Cruise Center are the two cruise terminals. Ships land at the Singapore Cruise Centre, which is a part of the largest Harbourfront Centre and VivoCity, or the brand-new Marina Bay Cruise Center.

Best time to visit for Singapore Cruising:

Best time to visit for Singapore CruisingThe best time to cruise Singapore is from October to March when the weather is comfortable and not humid. However, if you choose to visit during Chinese New Year which takes place in February or March, depending on the moon calendar, the Singapore cruise price will be considerably higher. 


Cruising in Singapore is a perfect vacation option for a group of friends, families and even couples. If you are looking for a pre well-organized perfect holiday where you don’t have to worry about planning. 

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