Sky-Dining comes to Noida

Sky-Dining comes to Noida

Fly-dining has now come to Noida with a unique concept of dining in mid-air. This amalgam of two of the most important demanded factors, adventure and good-food has come together to give you absolutely enthralling and one of a kind experience.

This wonderful concept caters to the people who are adventure fanatics and love to experience the adrenaline rush. The brainchild behind this concept are two adventurers who wanted to give the world a taste of delectable world cuisine in mid-air for an elated experience, literally. Fly-dining has a set menu which is a fusion of modern cuisine and familiar taste that will surely win over your taste buds regardless of being in mid-air or not. These fixed menus are specially curated as per the choice of the customer and served fresh and hot as you go up in the sky.

Is dining in mid-air safe?

As intriguing as it may sound, the concept of mid-air dining is equally thrilling and even scarier for the people who have a phobia of height; however, Fly-dining comes with an absolute guarantee of safe service. This German conceptualization created with high-quality metal and components accommodates 24 diners at a time along with 4 staff members. The sky lounge structure is elevated once the diners are settled and belted with safety provisions and suspended by a telescopic crane at a height of 50 meters. An on-ground team is also dedicated to the safety measure just in case of any emergency. 

Where, When and How?


Fly-dining offers a pre-booking on their official website where you can select dates, number of seats that you need to book and also check the menu of the day.


There are 4 slots every day starting from 6pm to 10pm which means the maximum accommodation for a day is 96 diners. You can book your preferred time slot and check the menu online too.


The price per-seat is INR 4499, although they are offering the ultimate dining experience at a steal deal of INR 2499 per seat as an introductory offer.

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