Some Of The Popular Road Trips In India

Road Trips In India

India is a vast country, interconnected with some beautiful roads. While enjoying the Golden Triangle Tour, you will fall in love with the charm of the surroundings, and also you will get lost in the surreal ambiance of these roads. These road trips will make you understand the significance of the word ‘wanderlust’. You will get to know the rich and vibrant diversity of India, and you will be able to re-discover the legitimacy of your inner soul. Here are some amazing road trips in India, which will take your breath away.

Jaipur To Ranthambore- A Trip To Bring You Solace

If you want to travel to the dens of some wild predators like leopards, tigers or wild boars by traveling just a few hours, this is the journey for you. Jaipur to Ranthambore tour will make you understand the implication of the vastness of our diversity. Jaipur is a very lavish city with all the modern aspects of life while on the other hand; Ranthambore national park is a jungle full of wild animals.

Mumbai to Goa- The Trip Of Your Life

Well, when it comes to the road trips, there are very few that come at par with Mumbai to Goa road trip. Both the places hold the most beautiful coastlines of this country and will give you a surreal experience if you ever opt for this trip. For this, you have to take National Highway 17, and on the way, you will get some amazing food joints to gorge on. Mumbai to Goa tour will make you fall in love with the journey.

Chennai To Munnar- The Journey Between Chaos And Peace

We all know that Chennai is a very chaotic city where people are running for their lives. But, if you want to escape from that city life of Chennai, opt for the road trip between Chennai and Munnar. This voyage will let you embrace the beauty of mother nature and will lead you to a place where you must spend some time with quietude. The paddy fields, temples, and coconut trees will soothe your eyes and will take you the land of magical realism. Chennai to Munnar tour will calm down both your brain and heart as well.

Delhi To Jaipur Via Agra- Feed Your Eyes And Taste Buds

This road trip has many things in its bucket to offer. The journey is quite fascinating as you will get to witness some brilliant architecture of old India residing in the heart of Jaipur. Also, on the way, you can click some pictures in front of Taj Mahal, which you will unquestionably cherish for the rest of your life. While, on the journey be sure to gorge on some ‘Pedhas’, the native sweets of Agra. They are amazing in taste. Delhi to Jaipur via Agra is one of the best road trips to feed your eyes.

Manali to Leh- An Adventurous Escape

Well, it is one of the notable road trips amongst the bikers.  While traveling through the roads of this route, you can feel the vibe of nature, and that is quite fascinating. Your senses will get a refreshing boost, and you can cherish the memories of this trip for the rest of your life. Just be sure of the fact that you opt for this tour between Julys until September because after that the roads will be closed. So, to get the ultimate form of calmness, take the route of Manali to Leh.

Delhi To Mussoorie- A Road Trip To Remember

If you want to breathe in the fresh air and want to escape from the hectic life of Delhi, you can easily opt for a bike trip to Mussoorie. It is surely one of the nearest hill stations of Delhi, where nature plays a symphony of solitude. The scenic beauty of the road will make you mesmerized. Also, while on the trip you can pamper your taste buds by eating some astoundingly tasty foods like paneer paratha, sandwiches, omelettes, cutlets, and fries. This Delhi to Mussoorie road trip is one of the best attractions in Delhi.


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