Sundarbans National Park: History, Attractions, Entry fee, Time to Visit

Sundarbans National Park

Known for its Bengal Tigers, the deciduous forest of Sunderbans takes you to the beautiful visuals of deer running in the forests.

You may get lucky to spot the fishing cats, rhesus monkeys, wild boar and the largest Estuarine Crocodiles. Also, a wide variety of birds such as Cormorant, Heron, Fishing Engle, Seagul, Tern and Kingfisher can be seen at Sunderbans.

The sanctuary is also a home to a wide reptile life. This includes attractions such as King Cobra, Pythons, Monitor and Lizards including the Salvator Lizards.

Every year tourists in large numbers cross the rivers of Sunderbans to get a glimpse of its exciting wildlife. If you are also thinking to explore this largest mangrove forest in the world, then here is your travel guide.

History of Sunderbans

Sunderbans went through a dramatic series of changes to enjoy its current status. The history of the popular Sunderbans dates back to 200- 300 A.D. The forests were leased out to the nearby residents during the Mughal rule. Also, the criminals used to take shelter in the forests to take refuge from the king’s armies.

In 1985, Sunderban was declared as a National Park. This was done with the intent to preserve the wildlife of India, especially the Royal Bengal Tigers. This was essential to maintain the ecological balance.

If tigers continued to deplete, then this would have led to an increase in the herbivores which would be a threat to the natural fauna. Thus, in order to preserve the tigers, Sunderbans National Park came into existence.

Sunderbans is a shelter for the underprivileged

Sunderbans is not just about its flora and fauna. At the outskirts of the forests, there are many villages where people reside. As per the last census, around 4 million people used to live in Sundarban. Despite humans habituating the place and a century-long history of economic exploitation the Sunderbans have managed to retain a forest closure of about 70 percent.

Best time to visit

For the most pleasant stays visit the Sunderbans in the dry season during the months between November and February. Avoid it during the summers or rainy season.

How to reach Sunderbans?

The Sunderbans are located just 101 km from Kolkata. If you opt for a car, then a three-hour drive will take you to Godkhali. This is where you will find rural villages along with abundant mangrove forests. But the real paradise of the Sunderbans is only accessible via a boat ride to Sajnekahli islands. This is the entry point to the national park. Here, you will get entry tickets for the park, which will cost around INR 60 for Indian citizens and INR 200 for foreign visitors.

SunderbansThings to do at Sunderbans

Explore the park: Exploring the vast park itself is one of the major activities people yearn to do in the Sunderbans. The vast range of flora and fauna is sufficient to make your visit worthwhile.

Explore the parkSpot tigers and dolphins: Although it is a little tough to spot Royal Bengal Tiger. But, you can always try your luck. However, spotting dolphin is easier to spot and just a  cruise away.

Spot tigersBharatpur crocodile project: If the sight of crocodiles lazing off in saline water fascinates you, then the Bhagatpur crocodile project is where you should head.

Bhagatpur crocodile projectSajnekhali bird sanctuary: Watching birds flying in the air is a very peaceful experience. If you belong to the same school of thought, then head to a Sajnekhali bird sanctuary.

Sajnekhali bird sanctuary


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