The Beach Getaways Away From Delhi, That You Need Right Now

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The capital has a lot to offer when it comes to traveling and exploring. However, with the sun charring the cities to ashes, it is difficult for the people staying in the whirlwind of duties and workload. Sometimes we all need a vacation, keeping us rejuvenated enough for the rest of the week. The salty sea and the sandy breeze are always a welcoming idea when it comes to getting away to a lovely holiday destination. The beach is what we crave for and wait for the sultry summers to set in so that we can get it all off with a refreshing plunge along with the crashing waves. The best beach getaways are a click away from the advanced bookings and here is all you need to know about it.

1. Rishikesh- The Mystic Abode

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A place surrounded by myths and tales is extremely special to the pilgrims who flock down in large numbers to wash their sins off. This place is uncanny in its every form and provides you with a lot of recreational activities as well. The camping and beaches offer you a grand mood lift instantly. Coming with a lot of activities to participate like river rafting and bungee jumping, your days are sure to be filled with excitement. Residing in the camps is an adventure of its own kind. Waking up to the chirping birds after a pleasant night spent in the rooms equipped with fans, queen sized beds and hot water at your convenience is altogether a different experience. Book Rishikesh tour packages to avail the great deals.

2. Andaman And Nicobar Islands- Mesmerizing All With The Hue

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A favorite destination for most people who love traveling to the beaches and returning with the coveted tan lines, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best for them. The wonderful merger of colors and exotic hues, it creates a lovely zone with the white sand beaches and airy ambiance. The people are more excited about their vacations to these palm-lined beaches and mangrove rainforests than anything else. Coming to the food, it is a delight for the gourmands and the seafood lovers because of the variety of dishes and cuisines available in there. The crabs are just marvelous to hog on with the quality and the sizes that they come in.

3. Puri- A Place Filled With Purity And Chastity

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A popular destination of the Hindus and the Bengalis, this place in Orissa holds some great historic value and is home to the mighty Lord Jagannath, his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra. The Puri temple attracts people from all places with so many myths and tales girdled around it. The sea beach of Puri is what the people look forward to. Not too far from Delhi, this is one great beach, even though it remains crowded most of the times due to the reasonable rates and good ambiance. The sunrise and sunsets are just spectacular sites to behold from the beach with the cool gust of wind taking your breath away. The people are seen taking a dip and swimming in the sea with the kids running around on the beaches.

4. Mahabalipuram- Lose, Nothing But Stress

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Located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, this place is the hub for many travelers and tourists who come down to visit the lovely beaches. The Mahabalipuram beach itself is a great one for the sea lovers like you. The rock-cut structures are some of the other attractions of the beach beside the splashing waves and relaxing breezes. It is a lovely destination to find your own self, between the chaos and cacophony of the messy world. Book online Mahabalipuram tour package to know more about the guided tours and trips in and around Mahabalipuram.

5. Kovalam Beach- Getaway To The Bays

The silver sand lined down with azure water, this beach has a lot to offer to the ones that come down to Kerala to gain some bliss and solitude. It is one of the best spots to visit for a picnic and excursions. The calmness and peace that gets reflected during the sunset are unparalleled. The site is beautiful too, and quite soothing, which is known once you set foot on this very beach. The serenity of the place will fill you with utmost happiness and composure. Among all the things to do in Kovalam, finding your own peaceful zone is the most refreshing.

6. Goa- Days With The Beaches

The most romanticized and coveted destination of all times, and a favorite hub of college students, this place has garnered the name and fame over the years. The bohemian lifestyle that gets reflected is what attracts the largest crowd all around the year. With the salty beaches and late night parties at the shacks with unlimited alcohol at cheap rates, this is an appropriate place to drink your worries away. Other than that the beaches that are there, you can visit Goa‘s churches that throng the place. The local shops and markets are always open for the tourists and you can expect to find some great handmade stuff at affordable rates.

7. Vishakhapatnam- The Confluence Of Mountains And Beaches

For a lovely getaway from the daily chores of life, spending a few days in this lovely place is an amazing idea. With so many beaches thronging, surrounded by surreal mountains, this place is a hub of so many travelers and tourists. The RK beach, Bheemli Beach and Rushikonda beach are some of the famous ones to visit in Vizag. The exotic colors of the sea and the salty breezes mesmerize the tourists and soothe their minds, rinsing all the agonies out of the system.
If you are in or around Delhi, these are the beaches to pay a visit to. They are safe and secure and the waves are so cool and foamy every time they gush onto the shores just to kiss your feet and crawl back into their vast blue domain again. These locations are amazing to spend your weekends in for a greater boost to endure the upcoming sultry days of the months.


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