The Best Food-Fests That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

most enticing food festivals in India

What does your ideal day look like? For me, it’s a day consisting of the three golden Fs- Fun, Friends and Food! We all are living one day at a time but for me what really add spirit and zest to this life is food and lots and lots of it! The growing trend of food festivals brings together these three amazing ingredients as you enjoy a fun-filled time with your friends, relishing on some of the most delightful cuisines from all over the country under one roof. Here are some of the most enthralling food festivals that will only leave you craving for more!

Horn Ok Please For A Lip-Smacking Ride


If you are a foodie, this has to be in your list of things to do in Delhi! This one of a kind food carnival is a perfect collaboration of dance, music, interesting activities and of course food! The ultimate food-truck experience that allows you to enjoy some of the most delectable dishes is something you can never say no to. The event also consists of performances by singers, artists and engaging activities like bull riding, skateboarding etc. that makes the entire place buzz with infectious energy.

Where- New Delhi

When- November

Go Gaga Over The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest boasts of being one of the largest food festivals across the country. It is not only about giving you the best culinary experience of your lives but also an unparalleled food extravaganza with movies and events, all related to food! From Grub Mile, a mini-food truck event, to culinary workshops, to screening food-themed movies, this fest hosts a splendid array of unique activities that make this event a massive hit among people of all walks and ages.

Where- Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai

When- March or April

Goa Food Cultural Festival To Revel In Goan Carnival

Goa is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India so people are undoubtedly in love with all that Goa has to offer, including its sumptuous food. The food and cultural fest is an attempt of Goa Tourism Development Corporation to introduce people to the rich heritage and delicious cuisines of Goa and provide them with an unforgettable taste of the Goan culture. The fest features over 70 counters of authentic Goan food that is kept at your disposal to relish upon. So the next time you plan a tour to Goa, don’t forget to make it an April affair because that’s when the food fest is held.

Where- Goa

When- April

National Street Food Festival On A Mouth-Watering Mission

If you are a street food junkie like I am, this is no less than an annual ritual that you just can’t miss! The National Street Food Festival takes your taste buds on a joy ride with so many absolutely yummy dishes to choose from. This is not about the high-end dishes but about the little joys of life like the tangy gol-gappas that leave you teary-eyed and yet so satisfied, or the mouth-watering chats that no Indian can ever have enough of or the heart-warming taste of momos that leaves you hungry for more! It gives you the taste of the local streets of every state of India. In addition, the music and zestful vibe of the place add more flavor to an already flavorsome treat.

Where- New Delhi

When-December or January

Bengaluru Food Fete For The Foodies In The South Side Of The Country

When Delhi and Mumbai are on the run to organize the best culinary events for foodies, how could Bengaluru be far behind? The event is not only an occasion for foodies to savour a wide variety of delectable dishes but also an opportunity for aspiring chefs and bakers to showcase their skills and win over the hearts of the innumerable food lovers that visit the fete every year. The event is made all the more appealing with special provisions for live music, stand-up comedy, etc. that gives the visitors a taste of a wholesome experience.

Where- Bangalore

When- April

Asian Hawkers Food Festival For A Cross-Country Food Experience

There may be numerous places to visit in Delhi to enjoy the native food flavours, but the Asian Hawkers Food Festival is a unique attempt at bringing together some of the famous flavours from the continent in your platter. A rich amalgamation of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Korean, and a number of Asian food cultures is what makes this food festival one of its kind and a must visit for all you foodies out there. This is not only a venture to taste varying flavours of food but also a praiseworthy attempt at uniting the diverse regions of Asia with food being a universal connector, of course.

Where- New Delhi

When- October

GoBuzzinga Momo Festival For The Never-Ending Dumpling Love

You must be wondering how can just one dish make up for an entire food festival! Well, if the dish is the universally loved momos, it sure can! While we may only be aware of only a few varieties of this unbelievably popular appetizer, you will be surprised to know that the festival features as many as 300 types of momos! From kids to adults to the oldies, everyone loves to relish upon this lip-smacking delight and here at the fest, you will be spoilt for choice because of a wide array of options to choose from including kurkure momos, vodka momos, chocolate momos, and what not! With momos as the main attraction, a number of other dishes are also served to add variety to your platter and some dance and music to add that last bit of magical touch to make your day a great one.

Where- New Delhi

When- October

Can’t control your hunger pangs anymore? Go and take a bite of your favourite cuisine and don’t forget to attend these food festivals the first chance you get!


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