The Golden Quadrilateral Of India

The Golden Quadrilateral Of India

India is an extremely diverse country, in terms of geography, culture, religion, festivals or cuisine and here, I’m going to display a broad aspect of all the four zones of India where you will read about all of these vibrant, yet different attractions and some interesting facts that even the best travel agencies in India won’t tell you about. These four main cities are Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi. Keep reading to know what India has in store for you. 

Kolkata, East

Kolkata is a metro city on the east of India that lies on the Golden quadrilateral. If you are visiting India, or Kolkata to be specific anytime soon, let me tell you that it is one of the sweetest places in the country, and I’m not just talking about the food here. The people of Kolkata are extremely humble and have a knack of hospitality like no other. The people here are tremendously involved in cultural activities like music, theatre, dance, and festivals. Talking about festivals, it reminds me the colorful streets of Kolkata during Durga Puja, the vibrancy of the city is unmatched when it comes to celebration and festivities. Below mentioned are some of the things that Kolkata is known for:-

Kolkata is the only city in India that has a tram network and is popular for the same. 

  • If there was one thing that people of Kolkata had to eat for the rest of their lives, it would definitely be fish. Every staple Bengali meal includes at least one fish dish. 
  • Sweets are synonymous to Kolkata. Bengali sweets are popular across the world for their special ‘chhena’ preparations.
  • Kolkata homes the biggest football ground and 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world. 

Mumbai, West

tour to MumbaiMumbai, popularly known as the city of dreams is the financial capital of India. Located on the shore of Arabian Sea, this city offers a spectacular panoramic ocean view and is surrounded by many small hill stations that are a perfect weekend getaway spot. Mumbai is the homeland of Bollywood film industry that adds the glitz and glamour to this wonderful city that apparently never sleeps. But behind this silver screen, there’s a lot of struggle, hard work, and hassle that goes around earning a living which is a side that must be explored while on a Mumbai city tour. Know some interesting facts about Mumbai below:- 

  • Mumbai is the city of firsts; the first airport in India, the first public transport in India, first 5-star hotel of India. Mumbai is always 10 steps forward. 
  • Mumbai’s population density is over 20,000 people per square kilometer, feeling cramped yet?
  • Mumbai has a unique and beautiful Victorian gothic infrastructure. 
  • Mumbai is the home to Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, which has now also become a unique tourist place, so you need to book a Dharavi slum tour the next you visit Mumbai.

Chennai, South

Stunning Santhome Church in Chennai - indiator

Walking down the map of India, take a halt at this wonderful city in the south overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The Chennai metropolitan is one of the largest municipal economies in India nestled with beautiful beaches, temples, and sites of historical and heritage significance, but my favorite reason to love Chennai is the simple yet delectable south Indian food. Chettinad cuisine is something which is loved by everyone. Crispy buttery dosas and fluffy idlis with piping hot sambar try not to drool on your screens. Apart from the food, there are many other reasons that make Chennai a wonderful place to visit, and some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Chennai has not only given birth to Tamil film industry but also Malayalam, Telegu, and Kannada films too. 
  • Chennai proudly abodes the second largest natural beach in the world which is Marina Beach. 
  • Chennai is apparently the safest city to live in India so opting for a wonderful Chennai city tour wouldn’t hurt. 
  • The famous south Indian superstar, Rajnikanth is a god-like figure for the people of Chennai. Many temples, food chains, and kids are named after him, which is an evident feature of this city. 

Delhi, North

places to visit in Delhi

It might sound a little partial, but my favorite out of the four is Delhi. The city I was born and brought up in, but trust me, everyone who lives here or has ever lived here has fallen in love with this city. The capital of our country and an amalgam of distinctive cultures, Delhi have never failed to impress. Tourists from across the world come to visit this city, and place around it and are the prime getaway destination from Delhi. If you ever plan to take a Delhi tour package, try to fit in a short trip to the city that abode the beautiful Taj Mahal. You can easily get Delhi to Agra transfers online and it would hardly take a day to take your Delhi tour up a notch. Not only this, but Delhi has many other reasons to win hearts of its tourists and I would tell you some of my favorites below:-

  • Dilli ki Chaat’, I know it’s hard to calm your cravings after reading this term, but trust me, if for nothing else come to Delhi to try the lip-smacking street food. 
  • I don’t think I’ve ever been to any other Indian city and shopped as much as I love to shop in Delhi. In the local streets of old Delhi, from a pin to a planet, you’ll find everything you want. 
  • Delhi being the capital has an elevated sense of patriotism. India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan and memorials of iconic Indian leaders are some of the wonderful places to visit in Delhi. 
  • Despite being a hub of institutions, industries, and commercial lands, Delhi is still one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the country and if you are visiting Delhi, try to keep it that way.

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