This Season Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Trekking

This Season Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Trekking

Do you ever go on treks and get caught up with the realization that you should have taken this up a lot early in life? Well, the years gone by cannot be revisited but you can definitely save your kids from facing the same regret several years down the line. I’m sure, some people might say, “Trekking is not meant for kids” or “Kids shouldn’t be allowed to take up such risky and difficult sports”. Yes, of course! They shouldn’t be. But what if the treks aren’t risky at all? What if there are treks that are not only easier but also extremely fun? Wouldn’t you want your kids to experience the thrill of trekking on exotic terrains? I bet you would! So explore these 5 Indian treks with me that are the perfect ways to introduce your children to the sport so that the next time you plan to go trekking, you can take your kids along!

  1. Kedarkantha Trek- Because Which Kid Doesn’t Love Snow?

The first step towards making your kids warm up to the idea of trekking is to take them on a trip to a place that appeals to them. Situated within the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi, this winter trek is at an altitude of 12500 ft and covered with pristine white snow. If the idea of trekking on a snow-clad terrain doesn’t excite your child, I can’t imagine what would!

Kids love to play around snow but trekking on this moderately easy trek would teach your kid to be disciplined as trekking is a regimented activity. Camping on the snowfields and trekking up to the summit of Kedarkantha peak will be an experience of a lifetime that your child will not only cherish forever but also learn a lot from.

  1. Rishikesh Waterfall trek- To Take A Dive Into Nature’s Splendour

This could be a natural substitute for the water sports that the city life offers and the recluse that kids love so much. But unlike water sports in adventure parks, the Rishikesh Waterfall Trek will make your kid form an affinity with nature and experience its tranquillity.

Rishikesh is home to a number of waterfalls like the Neergarh waterfall, Garud Chatti waterfall, Patna waterfall, Phool Chatti waterfall and a trail leading to all these alluring locations are in itself adorned with lustrous greenery. This deadly combination of gleaming waters and captivating greens will make your child enjoy the trek to the utmost without it being a tiring affair. When kids are introduced to such natural substitutes that are all the more fun than their artificial counterparts, they begin to form a nature that will invariably influence them to preserve it with a new found affinity.

  1. Har Ki Dun- The Staircase To Heaven

It is not just a catchy title, but if legends are to be believed this trek is the same path that the Pandavas took to ascend to heaven! Prepping your kid for this trek with this mythical anecdote could be an interesting start, but the Har Ki Dun trek has a lot more trivia to keep your kids fascinated. The trek was first discovered by a mountaineer from Britain who was also a teacher at Doon School. Interestingly, he used to take his pupils to the trek to make them acquainted with the beauty of nature and make their field trips worth the effort.

One of the finest places to visit in Uttarakhand, this trail passes through magnificent mountains and the captivating Supin river, which offers a perfect interlude for kids to spend some leisure time. Moreover, the kids can meet the locals from the nearby villages which will provide them with the perfect opportunity to learn their lessons on cultural diversity and enjoy the soothing rusticity that the city lives lack.


  1. Deoban Trek- The Perfect Weekend Escape

The Deoband Trek can easily be covered in 2 days and is, therefore, best suited for a weekend outing with your kids. If you are on a trip to Dehradun, you can take the weekend off to indulge in this deeply invigorating trek which is very close to the quaint town. The trail mostly involves flat terrains with only a few ascents which make it best suited for young kids. The surrounding location is a picturesque setting of the Himalayan foothills that will make your kid enjoy every step they take. Treks such as these not only pump up the adrenaline of the kids but also boost up their stamina to prepare them for the difficult terrains that they may cover in the near future.

  1. Tadiandamol- straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

With a number of captivating sights right at your kid’s disposal, he will be mesmerized by the beauty that nature at this place has to offer and never fall short of things to do in Tadiandamol. The trek is apt for beginners as it does not have a difficult terrain to follow and can easily be covered in a span of 2-3 days. The trek will take you through the attractive greenery of the Shola forest, energizing streams of playfully flowing water, and widely expanded grasslands which make for an ideal fairyland setting for kids.

Witnessing the immensely beautiful sunrise from the peak and experiencing splendid dawn across the valley filled with plantations of various herbs and spices will be the most memorable sights that will stay in the kid’s mind for a lifetime.

Evidently, treks don’t always have to be tedious and complicated. They can sometimes be a source of immense thrill without being tiresome. So, the next time you plan your trip to India to go trekking, make sure to include your kids too so that it prepares them for their future expeditions.


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