Most fascinating Things to do in Kerala

Most fascinating Things to do in Kerala

Pleasantly, enter into the idealized and notable state of India, named as Kerala. This is so, because of eternal beaches… ceaseless lined-up lofty coconut trees… prodigious aroma of tea, coffee and spices… beguiling backwater… gargantuan mountains and a blanket of greenery spreading all around… incredible Kathakali performance… amazing boat race… the list is endless… That’s why Kerala is an appellation with “God’s own country”.

1. Cruise on a Houseboat

Kerala trip is incomplete without experiencing the backwaters on a Houseboat. While on houseboat cruise, you’ll enjoy the tranquillity of the environment, scenic beauty all around, vast greenery and the soothing sound of water. You can definitely profound into the serenity and calmness of the place.

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2. Spot Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

Kerala dwelling renowned wildlife and bird sanctuaries on their land. The most dominant one is Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary houses Tigers, Asian Elephants, Gaurs, Lion-tailed Macaques, Sambars and much more.

Apart from this Kerala has innumerable sanctuaries includes the Mangalam Bird Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and much more.

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3. Savour a sip of Tea & Coffee

Have a glimpse of tea and coffee production from picking up the leaves to the processing in the factories.

You can enjoy the visit to the Kanan Devan Plantation Museum to watch the tea processing and enjoy the taste of the different type of tea here. And for watching the coffee estates you have to visit Wayanad and Nenmara.

4. Take a spice tour

After visiting tea & coffee plantation, let’s feel the aroma of spices all around the place.

Don’t be surprised, Kerala is also popular for spice plantation includes Cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves, curry leaves, vanilla, basil, bay leaf and much more. The eminent places for spice plantation in Kerala are Wayanad, Periyar and Munnar.


5. Magnetizing Kathakali Performance

Nature is the dominant part of Kerala, but Kerala also has an immense traditional and cultural significance too.

Kathakali a 300-year-old dance form which elucidates the Indian epics and Puranas. Kathakali is praised for a dynamic and influential performance of artists carrying bright makeup and heavy dresses with mask and mukut.

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6. Watch a Snake Boat Race

Now, we know that Kerala has fascinating panoramic beauty, far-flung backwater and diverse wildlife, but one thing is left you dumbstruck i.e. 138 feet long Snake boat run by around 100 oarsmen in a boat race.

snake boat race

7. Chinese Fishing Nets

We usually catch the fish with fishing rods operated by a single person but have you ever see the fishing net of 10 meters, placed 20 meters above the water level and each net is operated by 6 fishermen.

What happen? You amused! Don’t be, come to Kochi and watch the unusual techniques of fishing known as Chinese Fishing Nets.


8. Explore the archaic work in Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a consequential town in which almost every street has some historical significance. The best place to explore the tremendous architecture work of Portuguese, Indo-European and Dutch.

Here, so many bygone buildings include Fort Immanuel, Durch Cemetry, David Hall, Thakur House, Parade Ground and much more, this visit mesmerized you with the stunning and exquisite work of ancient time.


9. Ayurvedic Massage

After wandering all the way to Kerala, then don’t forget to stop over to experience the popular Ayurvedic Massage of Kerala. This Ayurvedic massage completely relaxed your body and your mind.

After wandering all the way to Kerala, then don’t forget to stop over to experience the popular Ayurvedic Massage of Kerala. This Ayurvedic massage completely relaxed your body and your mind.


10. Cooking with local Kochi family

Enjoy the cooking with local Kochi family, the host takes you to their kitchen for a making of traditional food and also apprise you about the culture and tradition of the place. This must be a memorable experience for your lifetime.

cooking classesThere are many other things to do in Kerala, places to explore, to eat, to entertainment! So, If you are planning to go to Kerala? Visit

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