Explore God’s own country at the top-rated spots of Kerala

top-rated spots of Kerala

Kerala has earned the title of ‘God’s own country’ because of the top-rated spots of Kerala that are perfect holiday destinations with families and friends as well as for honeymooners. The lush green spans of the land and the fresh air calms down the moods of one and all, making it a trip larger than life!

At present, Kerala has become one of the most favourite tourist destinations not only for the people of India but worldwide! It is the land of backwaters, coconuts and elephants. The rich and unique culture of Kerala makes it stand out from the other common tourist destinations.

When to visit?

It is best to visit Kerala between September and March. During this time the weather comfortably warm, but not hot. However, if you are looking for Ayurveda treatments, plan your trip during the monsoon months ranging from June to August.

The top-rated spots of Kerala

The tourism in Kerala is flourishing with every passing day. Amongst the concrete jungles and happening life, Kerala is a land of natural tranquillity, a land which is sure to rejuvenate and recreate the minds of travellers. There are a number of tourist attraction spots in Kerala. A few of the top-rated spots in Kerala are listed below.

Alleppey backwaters:

This place is a must visit for every traveller in Kerala. Exploring the landscapes around the traveller while taking a ride on a houseboat is an experience to cherish forever. The view that one will take in during his/her stay in the houseboat will definitely calm and soothe the soul and mind of the traveller.

kerala indiatorMunnar:

This is yet another tourist destination which is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. It is a hill station which offers a view of misty valleys and mountain slopes covered in carpets of greenery for vast areas. One might also engage himself/herself in hiking if he/she seeks adventure.



This is the perfect place to visit if one wants to explore greenery, wildlife as well as scenic beauty. The place carries the tribal heritage of the land and is the least populated district in Kerala, offers a tourist the time of his/her own.


This happens to be the starting and ending point of most trips to Kerala. This is the commercial land in God’s own country brimming with modern life and IT hubs. There are a few modern urban elements that attract tourists during their stay in the city.

kochi trip


Varkala is one of the most favourite sea beaches of the tourists in Kerala. With high cliffs on one side and seaside on the other, this place offers the best of both worlds!



This is yet another beach in Kerala which has been a favourite of tourists for a very long time now, even before the Kerala tourism came into prominence. The beach is the crescent shape and is a perfect choice for getting the native body massages and Ayurveda treatments done.



Top-rated spots of Kerala


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