India Travel Tips for Women Traveling in India

India Travel Tips for Women Traveling in India

India Travel Tips: My Tips for Women Traveling in India

Shockingly there is a great deal of negative myth about going in India, particularly for ladies. I’ve been going around India autonomously, on a financial plan and generally solo for more than year and a half, cheerfully and securely so today I need to share to you my tips for going in India as a lady with the trust that I can put your brain to rest that India is not as unnerving as you may have listened! Truth be told, I cherish it!

So, I do concur that, particularly at to begin with, India can be a troublesome nation to go in, and obviously you should be wary when going in India however it’s not as awful as the media may make it out to be.

So kindly don’t give fear a chance to prevent you from encountering the most astounding, awe-inspiring, mysterious and groundbreaking travel goal there is – it truly is Incredible India and the prizes unquestionably exceed the difficulties!

I first came to India in January 2010 for 2 months and my initial few days were troublesome – India was a gigantic culture hub, absolutely overpowering, I discovered going here truly difficult and became ill a great deal which didn’t help yet regardless I began to look all starry eyed at India.

I likewise committed a great deal of errors on that first outing which I gained from and when I returned in October 2010 for my second excursion I discovered going in India so much less demanding in light of the fact that I had became more acquainted with, adoration and see more about India and I adjusted the way I go to suit India; I go slower, I am more certain, more confident and less effortlessly stunned and I know how to abstain from being in circumstances where I may feel perilous.

You can read more here about how I adjusted to make going in India less demanding in my Top 10 Tips for your first Time Traveling in India and don’t commit these 5 regular errors made by explorers when going to India for the time.

By the third excursion I felt at home here, the forward time I would not like to leave … now I’ve quit numbering – there’s just no place else on earth entirely like Incredible India and sincerely in this time I’ve never truly felt perilous notwithstanding when going as a alone female.

All through my year and a half of going in India I have voyage both with my sweetheart, with female companions and in gatherings yet more often than not presently I travel totally solo. I’ve found that after some time I’ve developed a few security decides for myself that have turned out to be second nature that I thought would be helpful to share.

While these tips are composed on account of ladies some could likewise be useful for everybody heading out to India to maintain a strategic distance from stretch and bother.


hampi-me-chariotEnsure you read till the end in light of the fact that the last tip is the best and generally critical!

My Top Tips for Women Traveling in India:

1. Be ‘socially mindful ‘and adjust the best approach to go to suit India

India is an old, conventional and altogether different culture toward the Western world. There’s no utilization attempting to battle it, acknowledge that things work contrastingly here, grasp the distinctions and run with stream and you’ll appreciate India a lot more.

Accompanied a receptive outlook and open heart and India will open up to you. India is as compensating as it is testing at the end of the day your state of mind will influence the amount you appreciate and escape the outing.

Attempt your best to fit in with Indian culture both for your security and rational soundness! You could even have a go at beginning your trek with a homestay or something where you can find out about Indian culture however your receiving family.

2. Be certain and confident as opposed to being pleasant

A standout amongst the most critical things when going in India, or anyplace else truly, is to be sure. emphatic and hold yourself well. Disregard being amenable, it might be taken as an indication of shortcoming, be set up to go to bat for yourself and don’t be hesitant to stand up.

Make a scene on the off chance that you feel like somebody is bothering, swindling or ‘eve prodding’ you then on the off chance that you yell and disgrace them, regularly somebody will go to your guide.

I likewise think that its best to disregard individuals, particularly business people or touts, saying a neighborly not this time is as yet captivating with them and could be mixed up for an indication of intrigue. Above all don’t look a simple target, act sure regardless of the possibility that you aren’t!



3. Conceal and dress conservatively

India is a preservationist nation and ladies indicating skin is simply not satisfactory here regardless of how hot it is. Regard neighborhood culture and keep away from undesirable consideration, which in any event will make you feel uncomfortable if not perilous, by concealing.

I found that even Western tops and trousers got a lot of consideration since they were tight fitting and excessively uncovering and I lean toward, making it impossible to wear beautiful, light weight Indian garments to attempt to mix in a little and conceal without over-warming.

This doesn’t mean you need to wear a 5 foot long sari (in spite of the fact that it is truly amusing to spruce up in one while you’re in India!) I typically wear a kurta (long top) or salwar kameez (baggy long top and jeans) with a dupatta (scarf) I likewise discover a dupattas valuable to cover my nose and mouth from contamination in case I’m in an auto rickshaw and stuck in movement.

4. Duplicate the nearby ladies

Nearby Indian ladies know best so take after their lead. In a few urban communities like Mumbai or Bangalore it’s normal to see young ladies wearing pants and in Goa no ones truly going to give careful consideration in case you’re wearing shorts and a strapless top.

In the event that nearby ladies are wearing it I as a rule accept it’s OK for me to wear it however I regularly convey a dupatta in my pack just on the off chance that I have an inclination that I ought to conceal a bit in case I’m wearing a strapless top.

I likewise observe how other ladies are conveying themselves, if a road is loaded with ladies alone or families then I feel safe, if there are no ladies then it’s presumably not ok for me to be out either and time I made a beeline for my inn.

5. Abstain from voyaging or meandering alone during the evening

As a lady in India I’m particularly mindful about moving around during the evening alone. On the off chance that going out with companions ensure you generally return together and book a taxi through an organization like Ola where the trip is followed. I likewise attempt to abstain from taking open transport alone around evening time wherever conceivable.

In the event that I do I ensure I’m riding in the women carriages or take an AC class prepare and dependably book the upper bunk.

On transports you ought to sit at the front close to the driver and on the off chance that you are separated from everyone else on a sleeper transport book the 2+1 sleeper or you may get yourself frighteningly close with an outsider on a long rough transport ride however for the most part, I arrange my ventures all the more painstakingly when only I’m and on the off chance that I can go in the day time I feel much more secure doing that.

6. Try not to arrive some place new, late around evening time

I likewise arrange my voyages, regardless of the possibility that I am with my beau, so I don’t touch base into a peculiar city amidst the night.

I despise the bother and tricks that you find at airplane terminals, prepares and transport stations and you’re most defenseless and prone to get misled when you are drained and have quite recently landed after a long excursion in an abnormal city and it’s far more detestable around evening time.

I got misled and truly terrified in Delhi so now I never land during the evening. On the off chance that it’s unavoidable then book a respectable inn with an air terminal exchange.

7. Know about social contrasts and how you identify person

Give me a chance to begin by saying this doesn’t matter to every Indian me, I have a considerable measure of awesome companions who are Indian men and India is changing and modernizing so rapidly.

Be that as it may, I am extremely cautious about how I identify with men and I never believe anybody (I mean anybody not men, ladies, kids, policemen or different figures of power) until they demonstrate they can be trusted. Since India is a traditionalist society, a few, normally less taught, Indian men may see a Western lady to be simple or unbridled.

In Indian culture ladies don’t by and large look, grin, or play with men they don’t have the foggiest idea.

An ordinary signal like a grin might be taken as coy and as a welcome for sex. As a Western lady I take care to remember these social contrasts, dressing conservatively is a certain something, additionally monitoring how a man may see me and taking consideration not to misrepresent these perspectives or be excessively agreeable and give him the wrong thought.

Obviously, not all men are this way and I prefer not to generalization – I simply think it something that Western ladies should be aware of.

8. Be cautious who you trust

While Indians are normally superbly liberal, neighborly and accommodating individuals you can’t be gullible and trust everybody. You do should be alert to maintain a strategic distance from the tricks and bothers, particularly in the North and the bother is most exceedingly awful around air terminals, transport and prepare stations and well known visitor landmarks.

Despite the fact that they are generally simply attempting to inspire you to part with your cash and are not attempting to damage you, I locate the best alternative is to simply walk unquestionably past, overlook all of them, don’t think everything individuals say and be watchful who you trust.

9. Continuously believe your instinct or gut intuition

While the bother can be truly irritating don’t give several trick specialists a chance to jade your supposition of all Indian individuals.

Truly the most unfathomable things can happen in India on the off chance that you have a receptive outlook and an open heart and I have been stunned more than once by the neighborliness of Indian individuals (see the time I got welcomed to a wedding commemoration party in a little town close Khajuraho). After a while you will have the capacity to tell who is certified and who isn’t, don’t be reluctant to acknowledge a welcome yet

After a while you will have the capacity to tell who is certified and who isn’t, don’t be reluctant to acknowledge a welcome yet dependably believe your gut nature.

I frequently choose not to remain in a lodging or get in a rickshaw just on the grounds that I looked at without flinching of the person and something didn’t feel right.
10. Take your a cell phone and get an Indian sim card

In India there are more cell phones than toilets everybody has one and I feel a great deal more secure with one. I can stay in contact with individuals, call to book a lodging room and get the guesthouse to lift me up or to call a taxi (or utilize an application) or call for help if necessary.

By having web on my telephone I can continually raise a guide in case I’m lost and when I’m in a rickshaw I can track where he is going on the guide to ensure he is going the correct way and doesn’t cheat me.

Getting an Indian sim card requires a touch of printed material and can be somewhat of a bother however it’s well justified, despite all the trouble – you can see my guide on the best way to get an Indian sim card.

11. Keep it in context

In spite of the fact that I’ve quite recently been through a not insignificant rundown of wellbeing tips I’m not saying that going as a lady in India is hazardous. Not in any way.

Sitting above Vagator Beach from the alluring rough red Vagator Cliffs

Utilize your judgment skills, on the shorelines of Goa I discover it OK to wear short and strappy tops. See more concerning why I adore living in Goa.

While I am wary as how as go about as a lady alone in India, I don’t frequently stress over burglary or brutal wrongdoing here.

Keep it in context that, more often than not, bother is simply bother, they simply need you to part with your cash, not really to hurt you and, in spite of the fact that it can feel overpowering at to begin with, I’ve never felt physically debilitated.

India is an exceptionally religious nation, a great many people still have faith in karma and that visitor is God and there is dependably somebody upbeat to bail you out.

I even found that when I voyaged thoroughly solo other ladies got all worked up about me and paid special mind to me (a debt of gratitude is in order for the genuine love!) and it was less demanding for me to make associations with neighborhood individuals.

The gigantic greater part of Indian individuals you meet are inviting, stunning, inquisitive, liberal thus caring. Experiences with them are a piece of what makes going in India so inconceivable.

When you get over the way of life stun and adjust your way to travel to suit India, the length of you avoid potential risk, it’s not any more dangerous than some other place and now I don’t feel any less protected in Mumbai than in London.

India is changing quick yet for me India is still the most astonishing extreme travel goal. Try not to let startle mongering and fears for bother, soil, neediness or well being put you off encountering it!

Play it safe, don’t streak an excessive amount of substance or riches, act certain regardless of the possibility that you are not and be wary during the evening, utilize your judgment skills and trust your impulse and you’ll see that individuals all around the globe are much the same – the vast majority need to nourish you, embrace you, converse with you or have their photograph brought with you as opposed to hurt you!

The most essential thing I’ve learned for more than 2 years of full time travel is that the world is not a frightening spot and individuals are innately full-time

Now and again we have to switch off the news and really get out there and encounter the world – it’s frequently significantly less startling than they make it out to be!



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