Travel To The Unseen Beauty Of India This May

Travel To The Unseen Beauty Of India This May

By the time we have shed our winter skin and stand at the brink of welcoming summer that is just around the corner – May arrives. And, all that could mean to any of us is traveling, wardrobe change, warmer weather, longer days, and the taste of ultimate holidays. Yes, undoubtedly any time of the year is good enough for packing your bags and leaving, but the boon of traveling during May is pleasant. You get to stay a step ahead of the overwhelming summer crowds and get to cherish the colorful landscapes that celebrate the spectacular display of flowers blooming. Set foot on a journey this May and explore some of the best places in India where the vibrant hues of the rainbow will make your heart leap with joy.

Places To Visit In May

There are countless marvelous places in India, where you can set your feet to cherish the psychedelic colors of May. Some of those places are:

  • Uttarakhand
  • Ladakh
  • Mysore
  • Kerala
  • Mount Abu

The Prepossessing Beauty Of Uttarakhand

The land where mountains and myths live is where we want you to drop by this May. The land of the Almighty – the dramatic terrains are covered in holy peaks, rivers, and lakes. The high-altitude trails for hiking and the twisting roads will lead you straight to the most spectacular and extravagant exhibition of pilgrimage sites bringing every epic tale you have heard to life. Not only is the presence of the creators – Shiv and Parvati are apparent here, but also the imprint that the Britishers left behind. Not to miss out the legendary Jim Corbett National Park. This spiritual, Raj-era feel hill station is what you need. It is a silver medalist in the list of places to visit in May in India.

The Scenically Stunning Ladakh

The spectacularly arid and jagged mountains that unveil the magic of the ex-kingdom of the Buddhists, the picturesque gompas, the fluttering prayer flags, the dramatic impact of the crown rocky outcrops, and whitewashed stupas is what Ladakh’s magnificence can be summed up into. The walls of these mesmerizing mountains against the unforgettable landscape will be forever edged in your memory. The intricately designed colorful murals and arresting interiors of the Tibetan monasteries is the home of the cheerful red robed Monks. Travel to Ladakh, and you will see how only a few places in India can truly match up to its glory.

Tourist Spots in wintersMysore – The Land Of The Maharajas!

The historical and spectacular settlement of Mysore happens to be the most exciting and enchanting cities in the whole of South India. It has earned its much-deserved fame for the magnificent monuments and glittering royal heritage. But, that’s not all that Mysore has in store for you. Travelers from all over the world flock to this World Heritage site to bathe in its rich traditions and shop their hearts out at the incense stalls and spice stores. Mysore Tour Packages will ensure you experience only the best of Mysore this May.

Bathe In The Tropical Symphony Of Kerala

Everything about this serene and beautiful state is a joy to witness. The layered landscape and slender coastal strip that encompasses the glory of the Arabian Sea and beaches is what you need on your vacation days. The glistening backwaters create a languid network, the fiercely protected reserves, tea and spice covered hills, and the refreshing views from Munnar will make you want to come back to this place over and over again. When you set foot on this soul soothing and palm-shaded green place with fascinating historical cities, all your sorrows and worries will melt away. Enjoy the frenzy of Kerala Tour Packages for the family.

Mount Abu – Enchantingly Remarkable

The only hill station in Rajasthan that finds its place in the lap of Mother Nature. Sitting gloriously on Aravalli hills southwestern end and stretching close to the Gujrat border lies Mt. Abu. The striking contrast that the hill station brings to the vast stretches of the desert is something you haven’t quite seen before. Tourists from all over the world look for respite in the serenity and beauty of the mountains. Grab hold of the chance to visit the exhilarating beauty of this hill station and making the most of Mount Abu Tour Packages.

The month where travel plans are a must to escape from the humdrum of life and relish the joys of nature is here. These are the top tourist places in May in India.


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