Traveling Beyond The Known Destinations In Mumbai

Traveling Beyond The Known Destinations In Mumbai

Be it the majestic mountains that bring about the much-needed relief during summers or the wonderful waterfalls, charismatic caves, lush green forests, and captivating history – Mumbai truly has it all. Are you ready to be one with the intoxicating vibe this city has? Amidst the chaos and crowds lies a series of places that you should definitely pay a visit. Be a part of the Mumbai City Tour to be a part of the City of Dreams.

 Gateway of India: – An Architectural Marvel

Gateway of India

How can you miss the most distinguishing and iconic landmarks of Mumbai? It was built in 1924 to honor the arrival of royalties – King George V and Queen Mary. This has to be one of the magnificent monuments that display the grandeur of British architecture. Even a momentary glance of the Gateway of India is enough to sweep you off your feet. This has to be on the list of places to visit in Mumbai

 Banaganga: – A Hidden Gem

This is another frequently visited location a place that is a favorite of Bollywood filmmakers and artists. The water tank here goes back to 1120 AD. It not only has a historical charm attached to it, but there is also curious mythological importance behind the origin.

Dhobi Ghat: – The Washermen’s Den

The stunning synchronization between thousands of dhobis (washermen) is a sight to behold. As they continue their daily chores, you will be intrigued to face such a spectacular sight. Dhobis are seen performing daily duties of soaking, rubbing, and drying the linens received from hospitals, hotels, and households. Each dhobi has his personalized cubicle along with rough concrete and flogging stone.

Marine Drive: – The Best Of Mumbai

Marine drive

The remarkable view that Marine Drive can offer is hard to come by anywhere else. The long stretch of road overlooking the sea is enough to address your daily troubles. The excellent view is admired by hundreds of people on a regular basis here. Cherish the therapeutic vibe of the location while gorging on street food. Of all the things to do in Mumbai, this is another must.

Pandavkada Falls: – A Prepossessing Waterfall

When we are discussing the real gems of Mumbai, the mention of Pandavkada Falls is a must. The glory of the waterfall comes to life during the winter season. Once you have soaked in the beauty of this tranquil, filled place, travel to Kharghar hills and Buddhist caves for further impressive attractions.

Sewri Mangrove Park: – Witness The Spectacular Charisma

Yes, regardless of the mudflats and oil spills, there is a place in Mumbai that is enough to woo your heart. Check out the massive stretch of land that is lined with mangroves. It is also the home for a variety of exotic fishes and birds. You can even spot the spectacular flamingo bird here.

Kanhoji Angre Island:- Ideal For Weekend Getaway

The island is located across the harbor of Mumbai and has an ancient Portuguese fort built on it. This fort was later captured by the Marathas. For a secluded, serene time, travel to Khanderi island, which still has the remains of several canons and a functioning lighthouse.

Break free from the crowds of Mumbai and explore the hidden gems along with popular destinations.

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