Utilize Your Winter Breaks By Travelling Around India

winter destintion in India

Christmas breaks are just around the corner, and you can almost hear the bells and carols. Christmas break or the winter break is the perfect time to go on tour to India and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones.

India during the month of December is a sight to behold with its mildly cold climate at specific regions, snowfall at the northern areas and beautiful sceneries across the country. In case you haven’t made any plans whatsoever, fear not, for here is a list of places you can explore during December.

Pick Your Poison: What Does Your Heart Desire?

The choice of perfect destination begins with settling your mind about what kind of place you would like to visit. If your heart wants to float around in peaceful waves during the day and party all night long, then Goa is what your heart needs. If you want a taste of desert in the winter and explore the golden dunes minus the scorching heat, then head over to Jaisalmer. In case you want to walk right into the lap of nature amidst the serene backwaters then Kerala is where you need to be. If you are architecturally inclined, then exploring the architectural marvel of the monuments and temples all around Mahabalipuram is exactly what you need to do. The borderline is, India has something to offer to everyone as long as you know what you want. Here is some more information on the above-mentioned well-loved tourist destinations.

Go Goa: The Indian Las Vegas

From serene beaches to parties and seriously excellent nightlife, Goa has all that you expect from a great tourist destination. The temperature is between 20-30 degrees, which is quite pleasant and perfect for relaxing. Apart from beaches, Goa has some beautiful churches and basilica as well, such as Basilica De Bom Jesus and Dona Paula. You will also stumble across some amazing forts too, such as the Fort of Aguada. If you are interested, you can even take a tour of spice plantations. If all this appears to be too confusing Goa tour packages by reputed tour agencies can simplify it all.

Explore The Golden City Of Jaisalmer And Bask Into Its Beauty

Jaisalmer’s grandness makes it seem like a scene straight out of a dream. What can be better than enjoying the beautiful Thar desert at a pleasant temperature of 20-24degrees! Here you will find the famous Golden Fortress, the inspiration for and the primary location of the climactic actions of both the novel and its film adaptation “The Golden Fortress” by the Oscar winner Satyajit Ray. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the camel safari through the golden dunes. It will make you relive all your childhood adventures through the forlorn deserts. You can even opt for renting a tent in the middle of the desert and enjoy folk dancing and other entertaining events as well as authentic local cuisine. All you must do is go through the Jaisalmer tour packages and find the one which suits you the most.

Explore The Serene Backwaters In God’s Own Country: Kerala

Winter in Kerala is so pleasant and peaceful. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, and the backwaters couldn’t be calmer. You can simply rent a houseboat and spend a while meditating and relaxing, and by the end of the trip, you would have found nirvana. Apart from the Allapuzha backwaters, you should visit the Periyar National park. Kerala has so much to offer that even a lifetime might not be enough and can enjoy them through opting Kerala tour packages. You have the chilling hills of Munnar and its breathtakingly beautiful tea plantations. The Kovalam beach is again something one shouldn’t miss. Do some soul searching on your way to Wayanad and so many other exciting places.

Mahabalipuram: A Heritage Site And A Beach Vacation In One

Mahabalipuram has so many dimensions to explore that a trip is a must. Here you have the beautiful forts, temples, statues and other picturesque ruins. Once you are done exploring it as a heritage site, go ahead and enjoy some of the many beach activities it has to offer. If you are still not done , then explore the handicrafts exhibition, which only takes place during the winter. Even then Mahabalipuram is sure to leave you wanting for more. So, do not wait any more, as trip to Mahabalipuram will surely leave an eternal effect on you.


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