Visa On Arrival Fees Absolved For Indians Till April 2020

Visa On Arrival Fees Absolved For Indians Till April 2020

Treasured around the world as a popular holiday destination, Thailand is the home to some of the most astounding beaches, spectacular looking sites, and restaurant serving best Thai cuisines. It has a tropical climate that offers excellent holiday options for those who are on a look out for Thailand tour. Known for its gleaming Temples and royal palaces there is something for all types of travelers. To further augment the tourist sector Thailand has made a smart move to increase more travelers by waving off visa fees for Indians to another year.

Thailand Visa Fee Waves Off

The Thailand tour package curated for visitors from India has an added benefit of traveling Visa-free. This has been done by the Thailand for India and many other nationalities to increase their tourist footfall. The action of offering visa on arrival (VoA) has paid off well for the tourism sector, giving a boost to increase in terms of numbers. This has resulted in the extend of the date to the year 2020.

So for all those who are planning a trip to Thailand during this time frame, you get to save approximately INR 4659 on VoA fees. Thailand has been trying hard to lure tourists for a better travel experience by offering such unrequited gestures. This gives a chance to those travelers who like to take the road less traveled, as Thailand has enough offbeat location that one must explore with less amount to pay.

Visa On Arrival Fee Exemption Date

Earlier Visa on Arrival fee exemption was put into effect between November 15, 2018, and January 13, 2019. However, Prime Minister of Thailand Prayuth Chan-o-cha stated that the cabinet has sanctioned for  Thailand Visa on Arrival fee exemption until April 30, 201. If you are planning to celebrate Thai New Year or Songkran Festival in Thailand, it can be witnessed during this timescale.

The Countries Eligible For Visa On Arrival Fee Exemption

Other than India the 18 other countries that are exempted from the Visa fees till April 2020, are Mauritius, China, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Andora, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, San Marino, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Malta, and Papua New Guinea.


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