Wedding Vows By The Water: Exploring Best Lakeside Wedding Destinations

Wedding Vows By The Water: Exploring Best Lakeside Wedding Destinations

Everyone who goes on a tour to Jaipur dreams of getting married in one of those royal palaces. But don’t you think that this trope has become too last season? The big fat Indian wedding is a widespread term and also one of the most common identifying aspects of India across the globe. But when we hear the term, we often think of grand palaces and larger than life settings. Wouldn’t you want to shake things up a little bit for your special day? Well, marriage is a once in a lifetime occasion (for most of us) and you can’t make it a ‘just- another day’ unless you want to spend the rest of your life regretting that decision. So here we are, at your service, to suggest some of the most beautiful lakeside destinations that will make for the perfect wedding venue!

Get Hitched With The Love Of Your Life In Lavasa

With star weddings taking place in the lakes of Italy, you too would be dreaming of a similar fortune wherein the love of your takes the wedding vows with you in a romantic setup. But if planning a wedding in Italy is too costly an affair for you, your own country has just the right place that will give you Italy vibes but in a budget. Lavasa, a small hill city in Maharashtra, is a beautiful destination for a personal and cosy wedding with a few of your loved ones to celebrate your special day with you and revel in the festivities. With lake, waterfall, and gorgeous greenery surrounding you, love is bound to be in the air and make your wedding day an exquisite one!

Strengthen Your Bond In The Backwaters Of Alleppey

Out of all the things to do in Kerala, getting married in Alleppey is definitely something one would not traditionally think of. But that’s exactly what makes the idea thrilling. Imagine having a house-boat wedding in the most serenely quiet and beautiful backwaters of Kerala! No wedding can be more romantic than the one where your loved ones set sail with you on a holy event that marks the union of two souls in God’s own country itself. And with that absolutely exquisite view around you, it will indeed be a happily ever after!

Nainital- Let the city of lakes lead you to the altar

When exploring the best lakeside locations, what would be a better choice than the place that is named after its lake? The captivatingly scenic lake surrounded my magnanimous hills is the perfect kind of view to make you fall in love. So it is only apt to make this exact same place the venue for institutionalizing your bond of love with the holy bond of matrimony. The place has a number of resorts facing the lake that will serve as a perfect venue to take your wedding vows and make the day even more memorable!

This Wedding Season Ditch The Udaipur Palace For The Lakes

The royal palaces of Udaipur may have been the dream wedding destination for people for a long time but it’s time to change the trend and ditch the palaces for the serene lakes of the City of Lakes. Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar, and Rajsamand are some of the many lakes in Udaipur that will be the perfect wedding venue for any couple. And if you want to rev-up the simplistic aspects of a romantic lakeside wedding, you can always make it a grand affair by booking the luxurious resorts around the lake and add some glamour to the celebration of love and romance. So this time when you go on an Udaipur tour with your special someone, book a venue already!

Let Naukuchiatal’s Beauty Be Witness To Your Wedding

Lustrous water, magnanimous mountains, and glowing greens! What else do you need for the perfect romantic setting for your big day? Situated in the mesmerizing state of Uttarakhand, Naukuchiatal is a small location, named after its lake. The place also boasts of some of the most stunning resorts in its surrounding that can make your dreams of a lakeside wedding come true in the most strikingly mesmerizing manner. This small place, far removed from the hustle-bustle of busy cities and grand wedding destinations, is just the right kind of site to celebrate your special day with your loved ones in a private and cosy ceremony. And if you are too enamoured by the beauty of this place, you can stay for a little longer and spend a mini honeymoon trekking on the nearby treks of the wonderful Uttarakhand and begin your married life on an adventurous note.

Become Man And Wife In The Soulful Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the most serene and captivatingly gorgeous locations in the face of this earth. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get married to the love of your life in this splendid state? Yes, it totally would be! Srinagar is one of those places that can make for the best wedding location one could ever dream of. With the Dal Lake stretching right before you in all its strikingly beautiful glory and your beloved right beside you, what else would you ever want? Srinagar excursions are anyway a beautiful experience but if that experience can be extended into a wedding ceremony, it would make for a perfect event. You can opt from a simple yet excessively romantic houseboat wedding or choose from a number of grand resorts available around Srinagar as per your own liking and add a new charm to the already special day.

With so many lakeside destinations to choose from, I’m sure you are spoilt for choice. Take hold of your beloved and start exploring the India holiday packages all ready to make your wedding a memorable one!


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